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“You’re A WAR CRIMINAL!!!” Protesters RAGE At Hillary Clinton!

War, criminal, that’s what someone shouted at hillary clinton when she was all dressed up in robes receiving one of them doctorates politicians are always getting. Is that a fair thing to shout at hillary clinton? Do we have to have a political perspective that transcends old left-right values? Let’s work it out together over the last couple of weeks, we’ve done videos about trump clinton and russia gate that got loads and loads of views, and I endured a wee bit of flak from that. You know where people started saying. Are you a trump supporter? Are you this? Are you that, just to be clear, I want people to feel empowered, no matter where they stand politically and believe in open discourse from across the political spectrum. I’m concerned about censorship, the manipulation of media, narratives and people trying to shut down conversation and debate and turn people against one another on the basis of political labels that I don’t think are as significant as people are telling us. They are, I believe, we’re all human beings there’s a way back for all of us and from this old dead, decaying model of old school politics, something new and beautiful will emerge.

Last week also, we talked about george w bush and the criticism he received from a war vet calling him out. I believe he was republican. Hillary clinton, I believe, is a democrat. So let’s have a look at the charges that were hollowed at her across some university hall and see if it’s a fair allegation or not. Hillary clinton was heckled and booed by a crowd outside of queen’s university in belfast on friday, as she attended a ceremony installing her as the college’s chancellor. Now that’s meant to be an honor in it when things like that happens here, would you like to be the chancellor? Yes, yes, I would like to be the chancellor.

Do I get to dress up in stupid stuff? You bet your ass, you do, lady one person can be heard screaming war criminal at least a dozen times or someone else in the group- shouted shame on queens now. What do these people believe in? I would say these are probably not trump supporters over there in belfast, probably people with a vested interest in the narratives around the iraq war, the handling of various campaigns that happened under various democrat administrations and probably sees much of it as hypocritical. We don’t know yet, though, because we ain’t read the story. Let’s have a look look before you leap. Baby clinton appeared to be unfazed by the taunting and gave a quick wave before ascending the college’s steps you can’t appear faced. Secrecy clinton is an internationally recognised public servant, who has an enormous amount to offer the university and will continue to work as a key advocate for queens on the international stage.

Professor ian greer, the president and vice chancellor queen’s university, said in a statement you know, like universities, they’ve probably got all sorts of obligations to provide funding to have a little bit of status to campaign around the world to deal with their complex histories and their ties to european institutions that they probably don’t want to be connected to no more everyone’s out there greasing the wheels trying to cope trying to form alliances. So these people just doing their job. The term is for five years and will be largely ceremonial. You would think so. Wouldn’t you largely cerro? That means the job is nothing a ceremonial job put. This on clinton will oversee graduation ceremonies serve as the university’s ambassador and offer advice to senior management she’ll also be in charge of all gardening.

What I gotta do all the gardening yeah, it’s gonna take ages. Look at this. We need this little whole thing: landscape. Look. We’ve got a gravel pit. I’ve really needed sorting out what clinton said during her inauguration ceremony with hope comes responsibilities.

You bet the responsibility to be a citizen to be willing to discuss and learn from people. Unlike yourselves, it’s weird! Isn’t it don’t you notice that politicians are always saying things that if they’d done them, that would be cool like democracy itself, democracy, so every person has a voice love it is that what you get nope your voice could be used to say this or this that’s what democracy boy was down to she added to debate and compromise in search of common ground to participate in our shared institution. To respect the rights, dignity and needs of all people and uphold the rule of law, that is beautiful, I may want to cry it’s so lovely. I really like. I want to believe in that person. I want to believe that’s rough in it for poor hillary clinton and especially for the little mayor.

That’s got to carry it, there’s a little town, cryomere character, that’s gotta, carry hillary’s, dress there or robes or whatever they are, and she gotta be subject to all this. Oh also, I don’t like to be wearing stupid stuff if I’m being shouted at me and I’ll be like oh, this has got to go now, I’m being shouted out wow, so this person in particular believes they’re a war criminal and to appoint hillary clinton to this position is deeply at odds with the college’s ideology. So we’ll have to look at that. Of course, I wonder what that little kid, like, presumably that little kid’s going. What was that stuff would have shouted? Oh uh, what is it? Some people think that hillary clinton is a war criminal. Why is that? Well, because there were various wars and foreign campaigns during the time she was in various government offices in a time right.

What were these words? Okay? Well, that’s quite a lot. Actually, there was always at least one going on okay. Why are people suspicious about these wars? Well, because on under investigation, it looks like there are economic imperatives that serve certain corporate interests rather than the stated national interest that people went to war with right. Can I go watch peppa pig now, please just get a bit too much. Could you come to queen’s college belfast? Oh yeah! Well, no! No! We’ll dress! You up cool you’ll get a little mayor kid with a triangle out on love. It there’s going to be people shouting war, criminal, walker in a war criminal.

While you walk up some sort of 1950s municipal, looking steps outside a jaded town or from a documentary about slough, do you know what what time is peppa pig start? So is it unfair to accuse hillary clinton of being a war, criminal or a criminal of any kind? Well, obviously, as you know, or us is a man without opinion, a glass sphere, a tunnel of sheer light, but let’s have a look at what elizabeth schultz says: writing in jacobin. She says as a supporter of the war in iraq, which clinton was she racked up quite a rap sheet during a time as secretary of state, escalating wars, green lighting, coups and generally maintaining and expanding u.s power around the globe? Now, of course, these are like decisions that came with the role, so you can say well, hillary clinton was just doing a job. You can say that, then you can just look at what is american foreign policy intended to achieve? Do you think it’s for the benefit of ordinary americans folks in delaware, iowa mississippi? Are they all benefiting from this? Or would you be horrified to learn that there were various military industrial, complex type relationships, we’ll link to a video, of course, after to show you our working out, and do you think that possibly there are other agenda at play? You decide for yourself in 2009 clinton stood with defense secretary robert gates, a republican and called for more than 30 000, more troops in afghanistan. Now we’ve done videos on the war in afghanistan and what certain people believe, notably julian assange, that the war in afghanistan was intended to be a long war and that the priorities were not what the impact would be on american military life or afghan civilian or military life, but that it would continue to generate profits and transfer taxes. Now that there is the term war criminal justified for that, if someone’s actions fall within their role and within the law does that exempt them from charges of criminality, certainly from a judicial perspective? It does, but from a moral perspective, I guess that’s a question.

You’d have to ask yourself on most foreign policy decisions, including libya clinton was in favor of equally aggressive action, if not more so than former bush appointee gates. Clinton and obama got away with hawkish policies because they stuck to the language of humanitarian intervention and liberation. I mean we’re successfully for that. We’ve got to do a humanitarian intervention without liberating these people. Oh thanks for the liberation of the interventions, guys we’re so willing to believe. Sometimes I think of us as, like you know, ducklings or puppies so easily led such simple, lovely little creatures.

Fallible, though we may be clinton, helped assert the right of the us government to intervene in any country of its choosing using the most brutal means possible. The most brutal means possible to achieve its end clinton was an enthusiastic support of obama’s decision to step up the use of drone warfare in pakistan, yemen and somalia, clinton and the obama administration sold the drone program as a precise and effective way to target terrorists with fewer risks of collateral damage. But the numbers tell a different story in his investigative report entitled to drone papers, the intercept’s jeremy scar hill demonstrates that the drone program is far from precise and that the death of civilians is a common gamble. The us willingly makes during one five-month period of the operation according to the documents, nearly 90 percent of the people killed in airstrikes were not the intended targets. We’ve got this very precise. Killing technology we killed loads of people- god is precise, was it how many of them were intended targets? Well, as many of one in ten of them, people dead now or their blood and lives just scattered about as many as one or ten of them.

We intended to kill what about the other nine. That was an unfortunate mistake, as secretary of state clinton made it a business to make sure the world was open for u.s business, from securing defense contracts for lockheed martin to brokering deals to build nuclear power plants for westinghouse clinton and her ambassador ceos traveled the globe to bring foreign governments and u.s companies together. We have to position ourselves to lead in a world where security is shaped in boardrooms and on trading floors, as well as on battlefields clinton said. Oh, my god, it’s chilling.

It’s chilling! It’s chilling! I don’t think you have to be an ardent supporter of donald trump or a republican, and I know that a lot of you are republican, and I know a lot of you do support donald trump, and I think you know that. That’s not the way I see the world but to read something like this about clinton, particularly in the way that she is generally rendered by the media. The broadly sympathetic treatment she receives from liberal media shows to me a real lack of objectivity in media and the fact that you’re not able to safely talk about this without experiencing personal smears and slurs. That doesn’t make me less concerned trading floors and battlefields. That’s essentially saying that decisions are made on behalf of corporate interests. That’s saying that we’re making decisions on behalf of corporate interests, like you might call.



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