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Will 500,000 Stuck Containers Ruin 2021 Christmas for Gamers?

Welcome back to Paul’s tech news. This is it, september is over and we’ve entered the final phase of 2021, or October Q4 as some like to call it. Just three short months until we can say, so long to this rubbish year and bask in the glorious utopian future that 2022 will usher in.

I am confident in this.

Nothing can go wrong for the time being, though, we’ll distract ourselves with the tech news minutia of the past week. So, let’s see here, there’s a handful of hardware rumors about intel, alder lake cpus, radeon, rx, 6600, non-xt, graphics, cards and next-gen thread ripper might be delayed, amazon’s new world mmo launched and has apparently resumed killing gpus and the holiday frenzy is starting to gain momentum, even though there are more than 500 000 shipping containers stuck in supply chain limbo.

Buckle up everyone, the last three months of the year could get a little bumpy.

On wednesday october 6th, you may be familiar with brett, who hosts the youtube, channel’s, ufd tech and hot news, and you might also be aware that his three-year-old son emmett suffers from a rare genetic disease called syngap1 to raise awareness about the disease and hopefully one hundred thousand dollars for the syngap research fund. Brett and two other fathers of children with sin gap, peter halliburton and kevin frye will be doing a cannonball run. A 2 900 mile drive from the red ball garage in new york city to the portofino hotel in redondo, beach, california, in brett’s custom, wrapped tesla model x, they’re planning to live stream, the journey which is expected to take about 60 hours. So, if you’d like to donate or find out more about the fundraiser or syngap research links are in the video’s description, godspeed, brett, peter and kevin here’s to a safe journey and a successful fundraiser. And now we proceed with the tech news. The two busiest ports in southern california, los angeles and long beach, are ridiculously backed up right now.

70 plus ships are anchored off the coast carrying more than 500 000 shipping containers

and they’re just sitting there waiting because of the slow motion train wreck, that is global trade logistics in 2021, some blame, outdated infrastructure. Others say importers are sending goods with nowhere to store the containers and certainly a lack of dock workers to unload the cargo and keep up with increasing holiday season demand, isn’t helping.

There was also that whole pandemic thing, but 90 of consumer goods are transported via container at some point, and my industry sources tell me that shipping charges for a container going from shenzhen china, for example, to los angeles, california, that used to cost about fifteen hundred dollars and take three weeks about twenty one days, are now up to twenty thousand dollars with six to eight weeks in transit and while shipping companies and manufacturers have been dealing with this for some time, consumers are the next in line to feel the squeeze via shortages and increased pricing, which always brings some holiday cheer.

Just in time for christmas, larger companies like costco and walmart have rented out their own containers or rerouted shipments to less busy ports, but not every business has the means to take such measures and meanwhile container freight ships that would typically enter through la or long beach are being redirected to oakland, vancouver, savannah or houston. You know just a quick detour via the panama canal that shouldn’t take long, maybe consider some handmade gifts for your family. This year, meanwhile, amazon’s new world mmo, launched tuesday and that whole gpu killing problem that it had during the beta has apparently returned initially thought to be caused by extremely high frame rates in game menus.

The problems seem to have been narrowed down to affecting only a limited early run of evga rtx 3090 for the win cards with poor soldering work from the manufacturer, but now there are reportedly gigabyte cards, giving up the ghost 2 and some rtx 3080 tis, along with at least one report of an rtx 3070 powered alienware gaming. Laptop sources include german website, win future and us-based system integrator power gpu. So it doesn’t look like the new world. Gpu problems are solved just yet or that the game’s issues are limited to long queue times. It’s unclear whether amazon game studios will be issuing a patch or addressing this directly, but if you’re planning to try out the game and you’re rocking an nvidia gpu, it’s probably a good idea to use the nvidia control panel to force a frame rate cap on the game. Next up, we have a rumor about another possible use for the zen 2 based amd apu hardware, that will power the valve steam deck.

It might also power a standalone, vr headset, currently codenamed deckard the verge had a chance to ask valve’s greg coomer about the custom, apu’s vr capabilities during a steam deck hands-on, and he said we’re not ready to say anything about it, but it would run well in that environment with the tdp necessary, it’s very relevant to us and our future plans. This dovetails nicely with already public valve schematics for a new head-mounted display and a bit of data mining performed by youtuber brad lynch who first uncovered the project’s code. Name: deckard brad did a follow-up live stream on friday detailing what he thinks is in store for deckard, and it could include features like an arm-based coprocessor that allows the vr headset to operate in standalone mode or tethered to a pc for more graphics processing horsepower if you’re into vr keep an eye on deckard and we’ll see if valve can pull off the ideal crossover device unless you’re a replicant, in which case you should probably avoid deckard, especially if he’s got a voigt comp machine. Just answer the questions. Please. Let’s talk about pc hardware next, with a collection of stories from video cards.

com, starting with continued leaks and rumors about intel’s alder lake desktop launch. Now you might have been misinformed by overzealous internet blowhards, who foolishly claimed that the launch date would be november 19th, or did I say, november 17th regardless, don’t listen to those jerks, because msi went and spoiled everything. The rumored launch date is now november 4th because that’s when msi’s free lga 1700 upgrade kit for their all-in-one cpu coolers goes on sale. This tip-off has apparently been confirmed now by sources who are always reliable and, furthermore, by uzman perzada from wccf tech who claims that the 12, 900k, 12700k and 12600k expected at launch will be announced and available for pre-order october 27th and sales and reviews will go live november. 4Th, presumably that’s also when lga 1700 motherboards with the z690 chipset will also go on sale, because you kind of need the motherboards in order to make the cpus work. Memory will also slot into those motherboards of the ddr5 variety when it comes to flagship alder, lake setups and screenshots of a ddr5 8000 setup have been posted by re hwk on twitter.

Ddr5 8000 is a big jump up from alder lake’s base level, ddr5 4800 support, and apparently this was actually a 6200 speed kit, with a bit of 1.5 volt ram overclocking to bump it up to 8, 000 mega transfers per second or a frequency of 4.1 megahertz, and if those cl 50 timings seem a little loose to you remember every time a new ddr standard is introduced, it causes a bit of a reset in what constitutes good timings. Speaking of a good time, portuguese retailer pc digia, must have been hitting the sauce a little bit too hard when they accidentally posted an unreleased gpu for sale. The previously rumored rx 6600, without the xt in sapphire pulse, trim for the low low price of 590 euros. That’s about 684 us dollars, probably a markup since the 6600 xt msrp is 380 and it’s not a stretch to imagine they’d price, the non-xt variant lower than that.

It’s expected to sport, 8 gigabytes of gddr6 memory and the navi 23, xl, gpu and video cards currently expects it to launch on october 13th, which is in just like 10 days. So I bet you all. Just can’t wait for there to be another gpu on the market. That’s sold out everywhere, except for ridiculously overpriced marketplace: vendors yay, graphics cards- oh and I forgot to write anything about this part, but apparently it’s really good at crypto mining too. So I’m sure that will be great for its stock availability. I’ve covered a few rumors about amd’s next threadripper line of high-end, desktop cpus, the 5000 series based on zen 2 and code named chagall, but they may have been delayed.

This is wholly based on a tweet from indefatigable twitter, leaker, greymon 55, who says chagall will probably drop next year instead in late 2021.. My personal thoughts one. This is good because I don’t want to try to wedge in any more benchmark reviews than necessary in q4 when I should be carving pumpkins or baking up. Some of my legendary apple pie and two. This makes a ton of sense, because there’s really no competition from intel in the high-end desktop space right now so amd would mostly be competing with themselves if they launched it plus.

If you keep shuffling the release date, around it’ll probably make it harder for lyle to steal my cpu samples. Again and now we come to the short news tech briefs. I like to call them, starting with a bit of sad news. Silicon lottery, the venerable cpu, d-litting and binning company is closing down. It was always interesting to see their published stats on cpu overclocking to get an idea of the overclocking tolerances for a given cpu, but the market that was created by intel cheaping out on heatspreader thermal interface material has all but disappeared. Cpus now run closer to their max frequencies.

Out of the box and amd brought back both competition and a good reason for intel to go with solder. Instead of tim, meaning silicon lottery. Services are no longer required. Here’s my visual analog for silicon lottery, closing the sands casino demolition in october 2007. there she goes rip and we finally have a visual on the long, rumored asus noctua, gpu collaboration. These were posted to the asus rog vietnam, facebook page, and they look legitimate enough to be the real thing.

Many dreaded the infusion of noctua’s oft decried color scheme into even more pc parts, but I don’t think it’s too bad at all. Maybe it’s because we just moved into fall and the brown and tan seem almost seasonal, but the rtx 3070’s massive four slot cooler seems to just have dual 120 millimeter noctua fans nestled in an otherwise inoffensive black shroud. Still no word on a launch date or regional distribution, but the poster..

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