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Was It All A SCAM?! What REALLY Happened With Facebook Crash??!

Were the facebook instagram and whatsapp… I know, americans, you don’t care about whatsapp outages! A result of something strange, a conspiracy due to the whistleblower revelations? Is it evidence that you can’t have ongoing monopolies? You can’t put that much power in one centralized place or it’s risky, or is it just a coincidence and a tech issue? Let’s have a look at it tonight: major outages affecting billions of users of facebook, instagram and whatsapp all of it starting this morning and continuing through the day all of the sites owned by facebook. Firstly, edward snowden, talking about the uh outages said facebook, whatsapp and instagram all going down at the exact same time sure seems like an easily understandable and publicly popular example of why breaking up a certain monopoly into at least three pieces might not be a bad idea. So, let’s see whether or not we believe you believe, I believe all of us believe that it’s possible that these outages are in any way connected to recent events and even if they’re not connected to these facebook whistleblower events. You should hear this stuff, because someone has taken a very, very brave stand. It’s not easy to talk out against power.

It’s a frightening position to find yourself in this woman has done an incredibly brave thing, let’s crack into the story, because she reveals stuff about facebook that I know you’re gonna find surprising. According to this whistleblower facebook puts astronomical profits before people harms children and is destabilizing democracies bloody hell. I mean imagine having that much for how powerful is facebook. What we have to remember is, of course, it’s run by you know: regular human beings, even zuckerberg, that guy is a person like you me born gonna die. That’s my assumption I like, but that amount of power that you can destabilize a democracy. I mean who else can do that other than countries? That’s normally the job of a country in it.

There’s a democracy cropping up in latin america, sir, you better destabilize that fast general facebook has realized that if they change the algorithm to be safer, people will spend less time on the site. They’ll click on less ads, they’ll make less money. So that shows you right. Well, that’s really fascinating point is already determined. The function of facebook is the facade of facebook is a social media site. The raison d’etre of facebook is make as much money as possible through ad revenue.

Keep people on the site be able to promise people you’ve got to do this, it’s very difficult, even with a small business, not to get distracted and disconnected and think. Well, the only thing that matters is that we get lots of. You know like it’s hard. That’s a pressure, an ideological pressure placed on you by the economic demands of the system, corporatism, late, capitalism, advanced capitalism, call it what you will, but unless there is some sort of regulation, unless there is like you know, on this scale, no room for regulation come on the company’s leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram saver, but won’t make the necessary changes because they have put their astronomical profits before people. This always happens, it’s very difficult to control or prevent that from happening, as I hope you know by now, I’m not advocating for some sort of stalinist 20th century style, communism, I’m talking about decentralized power, regulation, the prohibition of these sort of colonialist imperialist projects. That may start who knows with like the ingenuity of one or two or five people, but end up as there’s no point going on what just happened.

Look what’s happening now, look what’s happening now, as long as the incentive is make as much money as possible as long as that’s like an accredos that cannot be challenged, then, like an idea, no, you can’t argue with that. That’s what has to happen shareholders! That’s how our system functions, gotta, gotta, gotta! This is the results. This is how it behaves. This is how it behaves. It’s not doing something wrong. It’s doing what it’s designed to do hold on a minute, this killer, robots, killing people yeah.

Well, it’s a killer, robot yeah, but come on, get it off me it just bit. My arm he’s a killer robot during my time at facebook, I came to realize a devastating truth. Almost no one outside of facebook knows what happens inside of facebook. The first rule of facebook is you should like as many friends as possible. The second rule of facebook is you do not talk about. The third rule is polemicize audience and the fourth rule is just be a bit sketchy around organization.

The fifth rule of facebook is, if you have to appoint a regulatory body fund that regularly the sixth rule I’ve faced, but it’s quite a lot of rules and places it’s not the same as fight club. It’s actually better organized the company intentionally hides vital information from the public from the us government and from governments around the world. The documents I have provided to congress prove that facebook has repeatedly misled the public about what its own research reveals about the safety of children. I tell you what props to this woman doing this man, because, like last week, I had one article written about me. So I you know was a fan of donald trump and another one saying I was a voice for any facts: people I nearly went and lifting a hole right, I’m moving into a hole, that’s enough of this, and then I realized. No just keep pure-hearted tell the truth.

You have to tell the truth. People will be all right. People will come together if you’re continually honest and you tell the truth- I’m a flawed fallible human. Being I ain’t perfect. I don’t pretend to be. I don’t pretend to understand everything, but what I do claim and it’s a claim that many news organizations cannot make is that I want to tell you the truth, and I respect you and I respect your opinion and I respect your right to be you and I respect your right to disagree with me, the efficacy of its artificial intelligence systems and its role in spreading divisive and extreme messages.

That thumb starts to look a bit mental. Didn’t it because you imagine that fun being thumbed up to all of the various things destabilizing democracy. Facebook wants to trick you into thinking that privacy, protections or changes to section 230 alone will be sufficient while important. These will not get to the core of the issue, which is that no one truly understands the destructive choices made by facebook except facebook. It points to like a fundamental thing that facebook can’t share that information, because if it shared that information, it would mean it would be exposed to regulatory forces that you wouldn’t want to deal with. It shows you also that the american government, powerful set of institutions, though that is, are not sufficiently powerful or at least not empowered to confront facebook precisely because, however, things are now and I’m attacking the constitution of your wonderful nation, but how where we find ourselves now is these sort of things the corporate world and the governmental space are interwoven the government? If it comes to the current about, will the government stand up to giants on behalf of the people? The answer is no, it is not set up to do that.

It will not do that. It cannot do that. We have, in a sense, got to stop looking at individuals within systems and start looking at systems themselves without an alteration, fundamental operations and systems we can see where they will lead. It doesn’t matter who you pick out or put in put this person in. Take this person out, put a female one and put a male one in different colors. It’s the system is the thing if that doesn’t change, you’re just dancing around mucking around with wallpaper.

As long as facebook is operating in the shadows, hiding its research from public scrutiny, it is unaccountable until the incentives change facebook will not change left alone. Facebook will continue to make choices that go against the common good now. At this point, the whistleblower’s claims, whilst based on documentary evidence, are of course not proven, and presumably this congressional hearing is in order to ascertain the validity of these claims. However, what no one can dispute is that facebook is um has unprecedented power. I suppose what we’re dealing with with these tech giants has no obvious comparison other than the industrial giants of a century ago, when steel magnates and like carnegie and all them dudes in america just amassed super super wealth and we’re able to monopolize stuff and control industries and therefore fix pricing and all of that. But this now, as it says in documentaries, that you’ll have seen and as other people that are, experts in the industry have spoken out about um tristan on our podcast on under the skin to tristan harris.

He speaks very um eloquently on this subject. Using very good metaphors, what’s being mind, manipulated and controlled is consciousness and attention itself, they would say attention, but I would say: consciousness was nice. So, like you know, if you are able to pull together people’s minds, that’s a weird thing: man, if you’re able to manipulate people’s moods, manage people’s moods up or down that’s a level of social control that you know. I guess you sort of think of as being in the realm of sci-fi, and you don’t notice it in plain sight, because I suppose we have so many competing influences, and I guess where you’ve got to start, though it be anecdotally, is with your own life and how much of your time are you staring at a screen? How many of your emotions have been elicited by something you’ve seen on the screen? How many times have you been made angry or fearful or ashamed because of something you’ve read on a screen and the idea that there might be an economic imperative behind the emotions that you, fellow human, are feeling for me is a sort of a cause of some concern and anyone that attempts to sort of centralize that power and shut down any opposition to it. I think he’s doubling down on a type of digital tyranny. That’s just my opinion.

Of course, a company with such frightening influence over so many people over their deepest thoughts, feelings and behavior needs real oversight. Today, facebook shapes our perception of the world. By choosing the information we see, even those who don’t use facebook are impacted by the majority. Who do that’s interesting? It’s so pervasive that it doesn’t even matter if you’re not on it, like you’re still gonna be affected by the cultural attitudes that he engenders. Facebook will tell you, privacy means they can’t give you data. This is not true.

Not only does the company hide most of its own data, my disclosure has proved that when facebook is directly asked questions as important as how do you impact the health and safety of our children, they choose to mislead and misdirect, I’m still trying to break it down. You know, because I still obviously I’m a person, that’s on facebook, my content’s on facebook. You know I’m a person who’s reliant on social media for business. Like I’m sure many of you are for communication and business and you feel like well. What actually is happening? Is there something nefarious? Is it the management of information? For example, many of you will have heard that when the young people stopped using facebook to remember that there was sort of a moment where, like you, felt old..



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