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US Says Russia Planning FALSE FLAG The Justify Ukrainian Invasion, Meanwhile China Build MORE NUKES

Today we have received a shocking new revelation.

The U.S intelligence community, has information that they will stage a false flag on its own soldiers, to justify an invasion of Ukraine, and I have only one question: why do I care about Ukraine? Why do I care about these foreign conflicts? You’ve not explained that to me Biden – Administration, and I want to point something else out too. While I certainly think this is newsworthy and we are going to go in depth on what’s going on in Ukraine. I wonder why it is that just the other day Joe Biden lost a major court ruling with the supreme court striking down his vaccine mandate. Joe Biden then comes out and says the states and businesses should just have vaccine mandates anyway, and now all of a sudden we’re getting speculation from U.S Intelligence. Not to mention it’s also on a Friday too. So I don’t know what to say, but I can tell you a few things.

The abruptness by which this information has landed in our lap, suggests to me it’s possible.

The Biden Administration is trying to shift the narrative off of Joe Biden

and his failing approval rating, plus his major defeat in the Supreme Court. But that being said, it’s also possible. There actually is intelligence. Russia is planning to invade Ukraine well invade Ukraine more than they already have and they’re releasing this on a Friday, because it would make them look even worse, but I don’t really see what the point is in releasing intelligence that indicates. Russia is preparing an operation when they haven’t actually done anything yet other than to distract the American public. I suppose now I want to be fair too.

I want to be reasonable. Look russia does want to invade ukraine. Russia is building up forces on their their western front and ukraine’s eastern front it’s entirely possible. We do see major conflict in the region. I don’t want to get trapped in biden, derangement syndrome, where everything is just based upon how bad joe biden looks. The reality is, I think there is coming conflict, but I also want to point out how the news industry controls what we think about and what we think is important right now we have major information on what china is doing and the escalation between the conflict between taiwan and china and the united states, and I think it’s fair to say that the conflict with china is much more pressing and much more relevant to americans, considering our manufacturing base being shipped overseas, namely to china, as well as the fact that we are directly interacting with the chinese navy, or I don’t know the people’s republic of china whatever they call it.

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Meanwhile, with ukraine, proxy war, when I look at ukraine, my immediate assessment is that joe biden and powerful neoliberal and neocon elites were running a grift. They were running a scam and now they stand to lose tons of money from their ridiculous plan related to natural gas. That’s what I see when I see china and the pacific and taiwan. I see a real threat to technology production, silicon ships, the u.s navy, our positioning in the pacific, alaska and hawaii, and I wonder why it is that is not the topic of conversation. Well, my friends.

I do think we still need to talk about what’s going on in ukraine,

because it can have serious effects on what’s going to happen here in the united states, and I also want to point out one thing: the individual who wrote this article for cnn, which I’m using is someone who pushed the russia gate narrative to an absurd degree. So take it all. With a grain of salt, many people on the right are pointing out that it’s very convenient. The threat of war looms at a time when joe biden is being slammed over failing approval, quinnipiac having biden at 33 and real, clear politics having bited at 41 approval war tends to benefit presidents when they are struggling with domestic issues, but I don’t think joe biden conspired to put russian troops near the eastern border of ukraine. So if anything, it would seem that there’s a real problem here that we need to talk about, and maybe biden and his administration are trying to exploit the crisis to distract the american public. But that being said, let’s read the news before we get started head over to timcast.

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That’s the marketing power, that’s organic growth. It allows us to compete with the likes of cnn. That’s that’s your direct support. That is greatly appreciated. Here we go from cnn u.s intelligence indicates.

Russia is preparing operation to justify invasion of ukraine. They say the u.s has information that indicates. Russia has pre-positioned a group of operatives to conduct a false flag operation in eastern ukraine, a u.s official told cnn on friday, in an attempt to create a pretext for an invasion. The official said the u.

s has evidence that the operatives are trained in urban and in using explosives to carry out acts of sabotage against russia’s own proxy forces. The allegation echoes a statement released by ukraine’s ministry of defense on friday, which said that russian special services are preparing provocations against russian forces in an attempt to frame ukraine. National security adviser, jake sullivan, hinted at the intelligence during a briefing with reporters on thursday. Now I want to pause for a second just ask this question: what does this new information from cnn do for us and who benefits if russia right now were to stage a false flag attack? Would it matter the answer? Is no it wouldn’t. If they come out and tell you, russia faked it, who cares russia’s still going to invade right? Russia is not going to go. Oh drat, they discovered our plot.


Guess we better not invade no. The point of putting out this information is pretext that, in the event that russia does invade, or there is a false flag, the u.s can claim see. We told you this first. The reality is, this could be a false flag from western forces. The u.

s could be saying this so that when they stage a preemptive strike on russia, they can claim see. We told you it was a false flag and when russia retaliates, they can say, aha, we caught them red-handed. This intelligence does nothing for any of us trying to figure out what’s actually going on in the region, and it says to me that the benefit for the most part in this story is to distract from joe biden’s, ailing approval rating and and his struggle with domestic issues and in the event of an attack by western forces or ukrainian forces, give the us a pretext to retaliate. The point is saying this: does nothing good for us. I do not think it was wise to release this information and it comes from a journalist who previously had claimed russiagate was definitive fact and that turned out to be wrong. The story says quote: our intelligence: community has developed information.

Oh has developed information. What does that mean which has now been downgraded, that russia is laying the groundwork to have the option of fabricating the pretext for an invasion? Sullivan said on thursday we saw this playbook in 2014. They are preparing this playbook again and we will have. The administration will have further details on what we see as this potential laying of the pretext to share with the press over the course of the next 24 hours. The ukrainian defense ministry said in a statement on friday that the military units of the aggressor country and its satellites receive orders to prepare for such provocations. The us intelligence finding comes after a week’s worth of diplomatic meetings between russia and western officials over russia’s amassing of tens of thousands of troops along ukraine’s border, but the talks failed to achieve any breakthroughs as russia would not commit to de-escalating and american and nato officials said moscow’s demands, including that nato never admit ukraine into the alliance were non-starters.

A number of ukraine’s government websites were hit with a cyber attack.

On friday, the development european officials warned would ratchet up tensions over ukraine even further. We are getting something very fascinating here. I will stress this point again: russia is building troops on the border, at least, if you’re, to believe all of the stories from every country in the region, including russia. I mean, I think, it’s a fair assessment to say that much we know is true. The challenge here is: who do you trust? Now? I gotta be honest.

I don’t trust russia. I trust the united states way more than I trust russia and as much as I don’t like joe biden. I don’t trust him all that much, but I’m gonna be honest with you guys if joe biden and vladimir putin were standing in front of me and putin said: oh, we are not going to stage cyber uh tech on ukraine or anything like that, and then joe biden was like he really is I’d, be like I’m. Gonna have to go with biden on this. One you’d have to have biden, derangement syndrome to think that you’re more you’re, better off trusting russia. Now, of course the u.

s lies, of course joe biden lies and boy howdy does he kamala harris is also awful, but I still think an honest assessment would be that as much as kamala and biden are awful nasty and corrupt people, they benefit when the us benefits, not russia, but let’s be real. Is russia really our biggest threat? No, I don’t think it is, and I think when it comes to china, I’d still probably well. I gotta be honest. If xi, jinping and joe biden were standing in front of me and they both said something I bet yo. I ain’t listening to either of you guys to be completely honest, based on what I know about. What’s going on in ukraine, gazprom, victor shoken, the qatar turkey pipeline.

I think it’s a fair assessment that the u.s wants ukraine to win, and it may be due to the fact that there’s a lot of interest tied into it, namely the biden family interests that I can trust. That is corruption. I can trust when it comes to china. Joe biden working these private equity deals flying his son, or, I should say flying his son on air force two, so his son can work private equity deals in which joe and hunter share a bank account and hunter promises 10 for the big guy. I don’t know if it was actually hunter, who said that it may have been one of his partners yeah.

In that case, I don’t trust their positioning on china to be completely honest, but I do think we face something serious coming out of. Russia quote the russian military plans to begin these activities several weeks before military invasion, which could begin between mid-january and mid-february. The official said we saw this playbook in 2014 with crimea..

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