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TikTok Kids Expose Nancy Pelosi’s Stock Purchases

Nancy Pelosi Stock Purchases EXPOSED By TikTok Kids… Absolute CORRUPTION!

Hey guys welcome to the Liberal Hivemind. The channel is fully focused on exposing the abundant hypocrisy of the left. One of the greatest ironies of voting for a democrat is how lefties, who identify as democrats, think they’re voting for the party of the working class. And think that they’re voting to make life better for poor people.

I have never seen a group so oblivious to reality.

In my life, for instance, just the other day, I was watching a debate between ben Shapiro and Anna Kasparian, of course, Anna Kasparian from the tyt where she said this,

And then news reports come out in regard to members of the senate, who had a classified briefing, closed-door briefing on the severity of covid and immediately turned around and started selling their socks. They started buying tech stocks, realizing that people are likely to work home, so they might need to invest in technology or companies that offer technologies that make that possible. Basically, there’s insider trading happening within the senate.

How can you self-identify as a lefty, a democrat then claim that one of your major concerns with corruption in Washington is insider trading and then absolutely shill for Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, the democrat establishment, joe Biden on a daily basis every single day on the tyt, and not realize that you are literally campaigning for the people that you claim to have an issue with, and so a phenomenon that we have been covering for a very long time comes to light.

How is Nancy Pelosi so rich?

How is Nancy Pelosi one of the greatest stock traders, investors in the modern world and nobody’s even talking about it as a new viral trend takes over following Nancy Pelosi’s stock trades like buy alerts, npr has the story. Let’s talk a little bit about that and then I want to get into the hypocrisy of voting democrat thinking that you’re voting for the party of the underclass in the working class.

Alright folks take a look at this headline. TickToker’s are trading stocks by copying what members of congress do and when they say copying what members of congress do they mean specifically Nancy Pelosi. Take a look at these pictures: the queen of investing just spent 300k on this stock, the real trades of Nancy Pelosi, us’s, nearing an agreement to purchase a supercomputer made with NVidia and AMD chips. Young investors have a new strategy watching financial disclosures of sitting members of congress for stock tips, and you notice how leftist nor is titling. This whole thing, as watching members of congress for stock tips, what they really mean every time they say that is Nancy Pelosi among a certain community of individual investors on tick, tock house, speaker, Nancy, Pelosi’s, stock trading.

Disclosures are a treasure trove shouts out to Nancy Pelosi, the stock market’s biggest whale said user, CEO watch list. Another said I’ve come to the conclusion that Nancy Pelosi is a psychic while adding that she is the queen of investing. She knew declared Chris josephs analysing, a particular trade in Pelosi’s financial disclosures, and you would have known if you had followed her portfolio last year. Joseph’s noticed that the trades actually made by Pelosi’s investor, husband and merely disclosed by the speaker were performing well. Josephs is the co-founder of a company called iris, which shows other people’s stock trades in the past year and a half he has been taking advantage of a law called the stock act, which requires lawmakers to disclose their stock trades and those of their spouses. Within 45 days now, on joseph’s social investing platform, you can get a push notification every time, Pelosi’s stock trading disclosures are released.

He is personally investing when he sees stocks or pick I’m at the point where, if you can’t beat him join him, joseph’s told npr, adding that if he sees trades on her disclosures, I typically do buy the next one. She does. I’m going to buy a Pelosi spokesperson said that she does not personally own any stocks and that the transactions are made by her husband. The speaker has no prior knowledge or subsequent involvement in any transaction, and I mean give me a break you’re telling me Nancy Pelosi who has a personal net worth of millions upon millions combined with her husband, probably 200 million plus has absolutely no prior knowledge or any involvement in any of the transactions whatsoever. It just happens to be coincidence that her and her husband experienced absolutely unprecedented incredible, and I mean incredible annual returns. Well, somehow, almost every single year, picking incredible winners in the market, give me a break, please.

I don’t know about you guys, but that response to the press from Nancy Pelosi’s, spokesperson screams guilty to me.

It screams plausible deniability. It seems pretty much as dishonest as everything else Nancy Pelosi does and speaks. It invokes imagery of a mafioso, don who’s involved in all kinds of criminal activity, but the feds just can’t get any actual concrete evidence on him and he’s taunting, and so clearly something fishy is going on with Nancy Pelosi’s annual returns. Where I really want to go is with this one specific thing that democrats continue to say joe Biden even uses it as a regular talking point. The idea that the stock market is booming is his only measure of what’s happening where I come from in Scranton and claim on that people don’t live off of the stock market now.

First of all, regular people certainly don’t live off the stock market,

but they definitely do retire off of it. But this idea that democrats are for the little guy and that their policies are targeted towards making your life better is a complete fallacy. It’s what they run on non-stop Bernie sanders just tweeting. Why is it that the build back better plan is so ruthlessly opposed by the entire ruling class of this country answer? Because, with this bill, we are showing that the government can deliver the needs of the working class, not just billionaires and corporations. It sounds nice. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but reality is the complete opposite.

Have democrats become the party of the rich if you’re waiting for democrats to talk as frankly about wealth as they do about race, don’t hold your breath. Democrats are the party of the wealthy irs data shows democrats represented 65 percent of taxpayers with household incomes of 500 000 or more in 2020, while 74 of taxpayers in republican districts have household incomes less than 100 000. Despite aoc’s infamous stress democrats are getting cold feet on taxing the rich. They talk a big game. They pretend as if they care, but the reality is their policies, do absolutely nothing but enrich the wealthiest in the country. You know Janet Yellen continues to talk about how important it is that they raise the debt ceiling.

Otherwise, the markets are going to crash it’s going to be total calamity, but who exactly? Are the people benefiting from all the money printing? Is it regular people whose savings are getting wiped out whose salaries are worth less and less each and every single month? Or is it the fact that the endless money printing is essentially keeping the stock market alive? There’s a reason: people are starting to write these articles stock market to crash when central banks stop printing there’s a reason when you look at the s p 500 and you see how it’s continuously hitting absolute peak highs- is that just because the economy is doing so incredibly well under Biden or is that because this administration and the treasury is subsidizing markets?

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Take a look at this chart right over here, which shows you, the average p e ratio of the s p 500 from the late 1800s to now a p e ratio is a way of looking at the stock market and being able to analyse it within historical context. It’s a ratio of the share price and the earnings per share. You will notice a heavy spike in p e ratios in 2000, which was of course, the dot-com bubble in 2008-2009, which is, of course, the 2008 market crash, and now in 2020, after joe Biden took office, the s p, 500, average p e ratio is above 30 at 34.25. As of now, the median p e ratio is 15., the markets are more than double the median and it seems to me an upward trend, and what do you think that means if the average p e ratio of the s p 500 is so high right now it means that stocks are inflated they’re worth more than they’re actually worth, and that right there is the exact reason why democrats care so much about the debt ceiling and the endless printing of money has nothing to do with providing social programs for anyone.

It’s about keeping the market on life support

and it’s about further devaluing the American dollar, who benefits from all of this who benefits if there’s an absolute economic calamity, a catastrophe, a major crash, it’s not the regular folk who will get wiped out, which is inevitably coming. It’s once again, the billionaire class who benefits from all this inflation and an endlessly growing stock market bubble or the price of real estate continuing to climb at absurd rates. Once again, it’s not the little guy and democrat policies are at the core of all of this. Take the coof pandemic. For instance, the democrats continue to market what they’re doing based on saving lives, they’re just trying to save mee-maw well, of course, not mee-maw, who visited the capitol she’s still in solitary confinement. But you get what I mean.

You got a sacrifice to save grandma. You think that it’s just a coincidence that billionaires saw their net worth increase by half of a trillion dollars during the couf pandemic and over 500 billion dollars increase in net worth, and this article’s from October 30th 2020, it’s probably even higher.

Now you think that’s just a random coincidence. You think it’s a coincidence that democrat policies in every democrat state every democrat major city happened to make the poor much poorer and the wealthy, richer exponentially. It’s of course, by design. The democrats are the party of the wealthy elite and if you voted for joe Biden thinking, he was going to increase taxes on the most wealthy in the country, while the most wealthy in the country, big bankers, wall street tech, CEOs in general were donating to joe Biden’s campaign because they wanted so badly to increase their own taxes.

If you bought that for even a second, then I don’t know if you can be helped, that’s what I got for you guys, though, if you enjoyed this video, please make sure to leave a like a comment. Subscribe share it as much as possible. I got to get back to work, though thanks for watching and I’ll see you on the next one..

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