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The Anti Joe Rogan Doctor Letter Was A HOAX To Smear Joe And Get Him Banned, Gen Z MORE Conservative

Story recently dropped about an open letter signed by 270 medical experts calling on spotify to stop joe rogan’s dangerous misinformation. It’s not the first time there have been attempts to censor joe rogan, and perhaps this is why it’s smart of joe to have left youtube and go to spotify where he has a contract, but it turned out shortly after that some of the people on this list, weren’t, actually medical experts, and thus we rightly mocked them, and now it’s getting worse, because people have actually taken the time to dig through the list and they found actually a minority of the individuals on this letter are medical experts. Most of them have no real medical expertise. In fact, some of them are podcasters one one person I think more than one dentist. So, okay, I guess technically you can say they’re medical experts there’s a reason why this is significant. You see the other day we had andy know on tim cast, irl our more conversational podcast and we discussed how he was sued for stealing videos from journalists.

The lawsuit was very quickly withdrawn, but as soon as the lawsuit was filed, it allowed the media to say andy no sued for stealing content from journalists. As far as most people are concerned, when they read that they assume he did that and was sued because of it, he didn’t the lawsuit was frivolous and thus it was withdrawn. The goal of this hoax writing this letter and having it signed by random nobodies with no expertise was so that the media could write a wave of stories. Saying medical experts call on spotify blah blah blah, and then one of these outlets breaks down why this is so important, something I did not know now talking about joe rogan he’s a podcast host. I get it he’s the biggest podcast host in the world. I know the guy, I consider him a friend, and I appreciate the things he said about me and defense of me in the past, and I appreciate him having me on the show and stuff.

So I tend not to like to do segments about this, but there is a very important data point which is political, joe rogan’s audience. Average age is purported to be 24., no seriously 24.. Now I don’t know if that’s true or whatever, but here’s a dude who’s getting on average 11 million views per episode, majority 24 years old, that is younger than my show tim cast irl gets most of its audience 18 to, I think 54., but I think a third is 25 to 54, followed by slightly less 18 to 24.

So most of our viewers are in that age. Actually, I think it’s much more than I think it’s like 80 to 90 percent or 18 to 54. the biggest group being around my age, 20 25 to 54 and then the small and then the next biggest 18-24. So that’s really really good that we’re getting younger people but joe rogan’s getting way younger people than than even I get on youtube, and maybe it’s because we talk hard politics, but the fact is they’re going after joe rogan because gen z, the next generation, it’s the future. This is how you affect change. You can sit there all day and nights screaming at millennials, like I do saying: hey do this, do that or otherwise, and will that really bring about profound change? I mean somewhat waking.

People up and informing them is a good thing, but going after young people targeting a younger generation means when they age up into their mid-30s and take control of the political and corporate reigns in this country. Those changes will become prominent. You see when millennials started aging into the workforce. All of a sudden, wokeness erupts, gen z is still particularly woke, but, interestingly, we have data suggesting they’re pulling away from that. For the first time in like a hundred years, a generation is slightly more conservative in some areas than the previous we’ve not seen this before, at least in the past century, with joe rogan reaching these people telling them hard truths and challenging mainstream narratives. It means that these young people in 10 years will age into the workforce and we’re going to win the the values that you and I share: liberty, personal freedom, etc.

Many of these young people share as well and if they’re getting their ques their information and their world view from someone like joe rogan they’re, going to be more inquisitive, more challenging of authority and thus a hoax was staged to try and get him banned. It didn’t work, but this is what’s happening. So let’s do this. Let’s talk about what this hoax was and then I’ll show you what’s going on politically with this data I think explains exactly why they are desperate to do something about joe rogan, but here’s the problem, joe rogan, may be the most famous comedian in the world. I know dave chappelle is the goat, okay, the greatest of all time for sure and joe rogan may be second to dave, chappelle, but joe’s more famous I mean dave. Chappelle is like famous famous, but joe rogan has the biggest podcast in the world, so he’s famous for not just being a comedian.

So what I should say is joe rogan may be one of the most famous people on the planet. He happens to be a comedian. Let’s read this news. Let me break this down for you before. We get started head over to timcast.com, become a member in order to support the journalism we do here at the tim cast studio cast castle.

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Let’s read this story from timcast.com most of the 270 signatories on the letter calling for censorship of joe rogan are not medical doctors. An open letter was sent to spotify last week, asking them to take action against joe rogan for misinformation. Regarding coven 270, self-proclaimed doctors co-signed an open letter to spotify, urging the company to take action against podcast host joe rogan for promoting so-called covid related misinformation. Mainstream media rushed to circulate the letter, and many prominent outlets actively ran headlines, calling rogan a menace to public health. However, a closer look found that most of the signatories are either not direct medical providers or are not legally permitted to practice medicine on their own.

Some of them are podcast hosts, so sure how about I get a letter of anyone and anyone and will say experts call on spotify to promote joe rogan. Will the media report that no, of course not they say almost 100 signatories claim to have phd degrees, but do not regularly practice. The criticism-laden letter was sent in response to a recent episode of joe rogan’s podcast that featured virologist and immunologist. Dr robert malone malone criticized the vaccine during the viral episode and voiced concerns over mass formation psychosis. I will say sure he criticized in some ways, but I think he was rather tempered in his approach and he actually uh defended it in some ways. Dr robert malone, I believe, is triple he’s vaccinated.

I don’t know if he got the booster, I think he did and I’ll tell you. This joe’s position has very much been talk to a doctor. You know he’s given some advice before and then he’s regretted it, and he said just you know, get get sound medical advice, but he’s asked why it is, and so is, dana white and certain treatments are harder to get than others he’s asking questions and bringing on doctors and having these conversations. Silencing conversations does not hide the information or, as tyrion lannister said, cutting out cutting out a man’s tongue does not prove him wrong. It simply proves he says something for which you will fear, or some or you. You fear what he has to say, something to that effect.

They’re going to say, media outlets, including the guardian, forbes, rolling stone, the washington post and others published content highlighting the letter to spotify. The articles describe an influential coalition of doctors who requested that spotify implement a misinformation policy upon review. Only 87 of the signatories are actual medical doctors. It was the news site the blaze that first reported the detail. The remaining 183 signatories include nurse practitioners. Okay, I’ll give some respect to nurse practitioners.

They can’t prescribe medication veterinarians, okay, well, they can prescribe medications to animals. So a dentist, okay, well, dentists, can prescribe some things for your mouth and teeth and about 100 phds and phd candidates. Psychologists, physicians, assistants, medical students, engineers and podcast hosts were also part of the list. The group’s letter urged spotify to take action against mass misinformation. Events on his platform, the group criticized rogan for propagating misleading and false claims on his podcast, provoking distrust in science and medicine throughout the pandemic. The group also remarked that dr malone had been suspended from twitter for a similar pattern of misinformation quote throughout the covet 19 pandemic, joe rogan has repeatedly spread misleading and false claims on his podcast, provoking distrust in science and medicine says the letter.

This is not only a scientific or medical concern, it is a sociological issue of devastating proportions and spotify is responsible for allowing this activity to thrive on its platform, rogan’s show is exclusive to spotify. The show became a target of the left-leaning media throughout the pandemic. Last week, former msnbc host keith olbermann called him. The stupidest effing guy on the planet, which is funny coming from keith olbermann because joe rogan may not be the smartest guy in the planet, but he’s certainly an inquisitive guy, and that says a lot more about joe uh that he that he strives to to to find out answers and keith olbermann is a he’s kind of he’s kind of out there. Just put it that way. He’s he’s angry and deluded cnn invited one of the signatories from the letter to speak on an effort about their effort on the network’s struggling morning.

Show new a new day during the episode co-host, brianna kaler ridiculed rogan for moving the goal posts after a recent guest fact checked him. I will tell you my friends: it’s almost pointless to even bring this up and I questioned. Should I even discuss the issue about joe rogan joe rogan gets, I think, 20 times the viewership that I get per episode. If we include clips, you know repost and stuff unique audience-wise he’s like 10 times bigger than us, but I think 20 times is a more accurate approach. I don’t know how they do the calculations, but we get around half a million viewers. He gets 11 million.

So you know you do the math and it’s a massive show. You don’t need to hear it from me, but I can break down for you. The politics of this in an important way. Take a look at this article from the independent, a left-leaning news website from the uk spotify under fire amid silence on misinformation from podcast star joe rogan, the experts called on the audio mega giant to address misinformation on its platform. Let me show you this story from kdvr. Doctors call out spotify over false and.

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