Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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AMD WTF is this about absorbing Activision Blizzard king?

Microsoft is continuing its studio acquisition, bender and absorbing AMD Activision Blizzard king like a high Templar, absorbing another one and forming an anchor. This...

FBI FORCED To Admit They WERE WRONG Another MASSIVE FAIL From The Politicized FBI.

I don't know about you guys, but I am getting so sick of all of these double standards. You know the left continues to...

Joe Biden FAILS His Plan To Politicize MLK Jr He s DESPERATE Out Of Options

Now I really don't like to use the word hate. I don't like to hate people, but it's getting really really hard for me...

Biden DOJ Files SEDITION Charges Against OathKeepers Leader Stewart Rhodes Arrested With 10 Others

In a dramatic escalation of the ongoing political crisis in this country, the leader of the oath keepers militia along with 10 other members,...

US Says Russia Planning FALSE FLAG The Justify Ukrainian Invasion, Meanwhile China Build MORE NUKES

Today we have received a shocking new revelation. The U.S intelligence community, has information that they will stage a false flag on its own soldiers,...

The Anti Joe Rogan Doctor Letter Was A HOAX To Smear Joe And Get Him Banned, Gen Z MORE Conservative

Story recently dropped about an open letter signed by 270 medical experts calling on spotify to stop joe rogan's dangerous misinformation. It's not the...

Confirmed – U.S Special Ops Secretly Operating In Taiwan

So, despite what the Taiwanese government has said, the pentagon's still disavowing any knowledge of troops

Jeff Bezos – Is It A Tax Dodge Or Real Conservation?

Jeff Bezos is not some billionaire Tarzan figure he's just some bloke whose delivery business is doing rather well,

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