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No Time To Die Sacrifices 007 on The Alter of Progress

RIP James Bond | No Time To Die Sacrifices 007 on The Alter of MODERNITY #MeT007

You know I never really thought about it. A film about an engineered virus was delayed by…. So after two years of unfortunate, fake, woke marketing did we get the james bond for the me two times up era? Well, yes, in a way- and we also got a very different bond film, like a bond film with bond things bond stuff, but no bond after spending a couple of years on this channel chronicling the deconstruction of a british icon. It brings me no pleasure to tell you that they’ve done it again, I must be dreaming. The only difference is this is a respectful deconstruction of james bond.

We got rid of the male gaze, says no time to dies returning bond girl, leia siddu, that’s not the only thing. They got rid of we’re missing that bond brand of entertainment, that bond brand of fun, those bond gadgets, those bond girls and bond. So we have reached the end of the daniel craig era, but it doesn’t end there and there will be spoilers, but unless you’ve completely stayed away from the internet. You know, I think we have seen the last of ian fleming’s james bond and whatever hollywood and the broccolis come up with next will be a shadow of what ian fleming’s character was. I think the daniel craig era is just gonna go down as half of james bond, half jason bourne. It had such a promising beginning with the fantastic casino royale.

I remember when I walked out of that film. I thought. Maybe I just saw one of the best bond films. If not the best bond film, it was james bond begins, and I was all down for that. I’m just not down with james bond ends. I gotta give him credit for trying something different, but just trying something different to be different can sometimes do permanent damage to your character.

Right. Chris chibnall, like I said I’ll, give him credit for trying something different. They just didn’t pull it off for me anyway, I’m not gonna say this is the worst bond film. I probably would have felt differently about it if it wasn’t for that dumb. Ending. That being said, I’d rather watch moonraker than watch this film.

Again, it’s dreary and that’s not what I go to a james bond film for and the deconstruction doesn’t only belong to this film, but now that I’ve seen it, I can say with some confidence that the daniel craig james bond era was a soap opera. Comparatively it’s not as woke or intersectional as terminator dark fate. It is a well-made film, technically had a decent soundtrack. The editing was top notch. The cinematography was beautiful. It was well directed.

I just didn’t, like all the parts where my favorite things from bond were killed off.

More importantly, I know the motivation behind why they killed off what was left of bond because they have been telling us for the last two years. Uh daniel is, I think, a feminist patriarchy. I was just on a live stream with the critical drinker muller and chris gore and the drinker brought up a good question. Where do you go from here? Unfortunately, I think we know the answer: bisexual bond of color with astigmatism, adhd and agoraphobia. To be fair, this movie is doing great internationally.

A lot of people are liking. That and good for you, I’m just not one of them, and the plot is a bit of a convoluted mess. You can tell it was written by committee and, yes, you can tell when phoebe waller bridge came in, but it is nowhere near as bad as they made it out to be so. What’s this film about? It starts out with a little girl getting abducted after her mother was murdered by safin played by remy malek. Now we all heard the rumors that james bond’s daughter was going to be in this film and she is, but this isn’t the girl who gets abducted. It ends up being madeleine swann daughter of mr white, who, on the orders of james bond’s, foster brother blowfield, killed the family of saffin family.

The other little problem I had was the age difference. This was supposed to be a young, madeleine swan at about seven years old, but the actress leia sidhu is only five years younger than the 40 year old, ramy malek, who is a brilliant actor that is completely wasted in this film he’s in the beginning, one part in the middle and at the end we jump ahead 20 25 years, I’m not really sure rami, malik’s character doesn’t age through any of this, and no I’m not kidding james bond is happily retired. With madeleine swann and daughter of mr white, former employee of james bond’s foster brother blowfield. He decides to take her on a vacation to go. Visit, vest berlin’s grave, a couple of things in this opening scene there again in matera, italy and people are burning things. James bond asks what they’re burning and the priest.

He asks answers, secrets and the past out with the old end with the new. Where have I heard something like this before? Let the past die kill it. If you have to the other subtle change- and this is a bond film with a lot of firsts. This is the first time a woman in a bikini does not get out of the water when james bond decides to go visit, vesper lin’s grave by himself and tell her how much he loves her and misses her. The tomb blows up and he gets ambushed by spectre agents. After a pretty damn good action scene, madeleine and james bond survive.

The assassination attempt, but james bond thinks madeleine, has betrayed him and he dumps her right there and then again, this film isn’t solely responsible for deconstructing james bond. It just completes it. I’ve never been a fan of daniel craig’s, sensitive james bond, we’re about 20 minutes into the film and we finally get to billy eilish mumbling through one of the worst james bond themes and yeah stuckman, I’m complaining about billy eilish, so we jump another five years ahead. Where mi6 agent, valdo abrucev, is kidnapped by spectre. He developed project hercules, which is a nanobot bioweapon, a programmed virus that can be coded to dna. So now we have met our girl, who was the key to everything and we have a macguffin.

Now bond is living in solitude in jamaica, where he runs into felix, lighter and his new partner logan ash. No, not that kind of partner. Somehow logan ash is a big fan boy of bond. I’m really not sure how a secret agent has fanboys this one smells of phoebe waller bridge turns out the cia and mi6 are separately hunting the russian scientists kidnapped by spectre. We also finally meet the new much better double-oh-seven lasagna, lynch’s nomi and yes, she is a double-oh-seven. She got the ranking much faster than james bond and she is sure to tell us- but I will say this: she isn’t as insufferable as it was made out to be.

I believe they had much more planned for this character and they decided to rework it in the year and a half.

They had to change this film due to the backlash as much as they will deny it again.

The deconstruction is there it’s just at times subtle and at times not so subtle felix asks bond for help. He declines, but later that night he runs into nomi and she lets him know what project hercules is. He also finds out that she has succeeded him as double 07 and he decides to help lighter after the new improved, double 07 tells bond to stay out of her way. Everyone goes to cuba.

We meet a new agent named paloma who, in her very short time, represents the best and the worst in this film. She is most definitely a hot bong girl who shoots him down when he thinks she’s coming on to him. She’s, charming and likable she’s only been on the job for three weeks and she’s a bit awkward and then five minutes later she’s doing somersaults in her high heels, while shooting her gun sideways and taking out three guys when bond is having trouble with one. But this is the best part of the film. It all turned out to be a big trap to lure james bond to a specter gathering, so he can be killed on blofeld’s birthday using the russian scientist obrachev as bait. Blofeld is observing all of this through a bionic eye in prison.

Now blowfield is talking to all the spectre agents through earpieces and he has everybody back away from bonn as they release the nanobots and, as blowfield assures all of his fellow specter agents that they’re safe. It’s only programmed to kill bond, they all die. Spectre was betrayed by obrachev who was working for safin all along the surviving son of a family killed by madeleine swann’s father, mr white, on the orders of blowfield, gets his revenge by taking away his birthday present and saving his foster brother james bond family 007, nabs oberchef. No, not that one nomi bond ends up getting him back, saying goodbye to paloma, which was kind of sad, and he meets up with felix and logan ash. You know the guy we’re all waiting to betray james bond and felix lighter, and he does after a slow, build up. This scene felt like a james bond movie and it’s the best part in the film, because everything after this point goes downhill, logan ash betrays felix, lighter and kills him.

And yes, every spectre agent was at that party for some reason.

So, within five minutes, every spectre agent is gone and felix lighter is dead and you can tell what the rest of this film is just gonna be the long, slow suicide of james bond. Oh, but it doesn’t end there. We return to london and we find out that m was the one who approved project hercules again. This is a nanobot virus that can be programmed specifically to dna, so you can kill an individual easily without harming anybody else or possibly program it to an entire race of people. Now it’s perfectly believable that the head of a spy agency would recklessly approve something so dangerous, but you have to have a reason for it and the reason they give is he thought it would save lives really.

Then we get to the scene between bond and blowfield, and it really just sums up this movie. It’s about family, yes and madeleine. All’s they do is talk about madeleine who broke james bond and even blowfield says you are always so sensitive turns out. Madeline didn’t betray bond. He was wrong. It was blofeld who used madeleine’s good nature against bond his foster brother, and this is supposed to be a spy movie.

Not a shakespearean greek tragedy. Telenovela it turns out madeleine is the only one who has access to blowfield and safin knows this, so we actually see safin again for the first time since the beginning of this film and he coerces madeline to poison blowfeld with the nanovirus she runs into james at the prison accidentally gets the nanovirus on him and when he loses his temper with blowfield and strangles him coming just short of actually killing him, he does end up killing him accidentally, saffin. The only surviving member of a family killed by madeleine swann’s father, mr white finally gets his revenge on the man who ordered that kill by having blowfield killed by his foster brother, james bond family and there’s still an hour to..

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