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Jeff Bezos – Is It A Tax Dodge Or Real Conservation?

Err… Does Jeff Bezos Think We’re Idiots??!

Jeff Bezos has committed a billion dollars to conservation. Is there any problem with that? Does it express a genuine intention to save the world or is it an example of some financial skullduggery that won’t lead to any actual conservation? Let’s have a look, jeff Bezos, who, if you don’t know, owns a little delivery service, named amazon. You want a parcel. You want a quick shag, give jeff a call Barcelo’s coming any second now jeff Bezos is donating one billion dollars of his 10 billion climate philanthropy pledge I’ll start a pledge, and I will save me a house planned and some tarantulas by Joel for just a billion non-taxable dollars to protect biodiversity in carbon saving forests in the Andes, the Congo basin and the tropical pacific ocean. All good things. If you ask me, after nearly three decades leading amazon, which has a vast and growing carbon footprint, I mean it must be mustn’t it.

Don’t you feel you’re guilty about your own amazing news thinking. Oh no, not another! One of these bloody things tearing that strip off. Looking at that little smiley arrow face, I’m thinking I could be getting this in a local shop. Do I need all this stuff? Do I need all this stuff? The answer is, we do not need all this stuff basil seems intent on forging a new identity as an environmentalist, and perhaps the world’s most generous financier in the fight against climate change and that expensive trip to space he just took Bezos says it was enlightening. Nature is our life support. Nature is our life support system and it’s fragile said the billionaire? No, it isn’t.

Nature is a system within which we live. It’s not our life support system.

Nature is a comfy chair that I fart in and put out my cigars on, and it’s fragile, good old nature we’re just a couple of buddy boys in seeing nature, as primarily there for your own utility. You are entering into a kind of spiritual darkness. We are participants in nature, separate to some degree by the nature of our consciousness and our facility for language, which creates models that sort of somehow abstract us from a fully immersive experience. Making people on some level afraid of their own animalism, their own instincts, their own sexuality, their complexity of being human.

We are nature, we’re not separate from nature. We’re, not saving fragile little old, poor old nature. Nature is a mighty force that includes all reality or material reality, and perhaps ulterior forces that we can’t even begin to understand. Nature don’t need us. Nature can cough us off its ass anytime it chooses

Jeff Bezos is not some billionaire Tarzan figure he’s just some bloke whose delivery business is doing rather well, in some part, due to very unique conditions that are happening culturally. The advent of the internet, the pandemic, all sorts of factors and with the advances in technology you know we don’t need him saving nature. I was reminded of this in July when I went into space. Oh well, thanks for that. I’m sure that rocket fuel was tremendously helpful for old nature with blue origin. I’d heard that seeing the earth from space changes your point of view of the world, but I was not prepared for just how much it would be true.

Oh my god look down there. The earth I could carbon footprint the fuck out of that bastard

raises Bazos’s commitment to protecting the environment serves as a stark reminder that much of his legacy in largely untaxed fortune was built by companies that have staggering carbon footprints. Amazon’s carbon emissions have grown every year since 2018, and last year alone, when global carbon emissions fell. Roughly seven percent amazon carbon emissions grew 19 to 60.64 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. Obviously I can’t um conceptualize that, and I know that many of you don’t particularly care around issues through a climate.

I feel like that. Um, our relationship with nature is very, very important and should be one of reverence, respect and love, not of unconscious ignorance. Wherever you stand on science around the climate change and my personal feeling is sort of transcendent of where data is, I feel like wow man. We should be operating in symbiotic harmony with our environments rather than unconsciously subjugating it for our convenience that don’t seem like a sensible way of living. How do you intuitively feel when you see the consequences of? I don’t know like? We just really see some rivers. All fucked up or you just see stuff everywhere, like you know, I didn’t feel good to me and it wrecks me on some sort of subtle level, so I feel like that.

The intention should be changing the way we live to be more harmonious with the environments

With which we have evolved, from which we have evolved. In conjunction with our appetites, our intellect and our consciousness. We have grown in harmony with nature. We can’t now wholly subjugate it and just like this is a thing we own it’s sort of mental, to do that. It’s a relatively modern phenomenon, even in sort of theological terms- and it doesn’t seem to be one- that’s advantaging us in any way, but this video primarily is talking about pledges that are made to help nature when running a business that maybe ain’t so helpful. I said that I couldn’t conceptualize it here’s how to conceptualize it.

That’s roughly equivalent to burning 140 million barrels of oil there’d be some smoke there. I would have thought amazon has moved to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels by committing to electrifying its delivery vehicles and it’s recruited. Dozens of companies to sign its climate pledge like them vehicles, I think they have to get them independently and the drivers can’t unionize, oh god, but for now amazon remains reliant on massive fleets of polluting delivery vehicles, wasteful packaging and even a new fleet of jet fuel powered planes. How quickly do you need your packages like the second? The four occurs to you. It was quick enough when it’s not the next day. I want the package to arrive.

I want it to whack me in the back of the head as soon as I think of it get some jet fuel. I want it shot at me. I have a bazooka. Oh, do you know what I’m not seeing darling badge of mine for a while dvd’s directly into your brain? Meanwhile, amazon web service uses massive amounts of energy to keep its servers online in 2019. Greenpeace accused the cloud computing company of abandoning its pledge to use 100 renewable energy and said that some of the largest aws data centers use just 12 renewable energy amazon disputes. These allegations to the country amazon is proud to be the world’s largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy and everything else we’re on a path to power, 100 of our businesses, with renewable energy by 2025 and we’re racing along that path with jet fuel, even as other companies like google, have moved away from offering some cloud services to fossil fuel companies.

Aws still is shell, ESSO and bp, as customers. Bezos is technically no longer part of amazon but blue origin. The private space flight company he owns that recently took it with space, has raised environmental concerns. While the space rocket company has used carbon-free fuels, namely a combination of liquid hydrogen and oxygen making, these fuels is still environmentally costly, and environmentalists want. The blue origin rockets still leave behind particles that can harm the atmosphere. You know what I I get from.

This is like that everything’s about gestures and appearances,

rather than about how it is fundamentally make a one billion pledge a 10 billion pledge when, in effect, what you could do is behave responsibly or differently, at least within the organization set up new principles and ideals from that position of power and influence. You know like jeff. Bezos is a powerful person and for all I know a beautiful person. I don’t know nothing about him, but what we do know is he’s in a position of incredible influence, he’s unable to or use that influence to do anything other than advance the cause profits of amazon. So I suppose, in a way he has no actual power because again he’s changed by systemic thinking and imperatives that if he were to walk them, he’d lose his position. So it shows you once again that really even powerful individuals exist as nodes in a sort of a web of entrenched dogmatic.

Thinking in announcing the pledge, Bezos acknowledged that many past efforts to conserve nature haven’t worked. I know that many conservation efforts have failed in the past. Basel said we won’t make those same mistakes, we’re not even going to [ __ ], try, Bezos and other billionaires are promising to support indigenous-led initiatives which represent some of a paradigm shift in conservation. But not all experts are convinced that their money will forge a new path or make a dent in the extinction crisis. While Bezos is known for disrupting the e-commerce world, the primary approach his fund is taking bolstering the planet’s network of protected and conserved areas is not new and could even be considered old school. That’s not to say protected areas, don’t work, they just don’t do much to erode the root causes of biodiversity loss, which include the very culture of over-consumption and same-day convenience.

That’s made amazon, so there is a fundamental flaw at the heart of this. How do you preserve amazon’s imperatives to be the world’s most powerful, successful business and save nature? You can’t do that so carry on with the real priority amazon and make a gesture, even though that 10 billion gesture seems like a lot to normal people, it’s nothing which is to say, while Bezos and other billionaires are aiding conservation. They’re doing little to limit the forces that make conservation necessary in the first place and that made them rich yeah. That’s a really good point: isn’t it? Essentially? This is a gesture. It doesn’t really do anything. What has to be addressed are the root causes of the issue.

These kind of initiatives are convenient because they work

within established political and economic systems. The very ones that allow billionaires to thrive, said Jessica, Dempsey, a political ecologist at the university of British Columbia. Protected areas obviously can be extremely important, but they don’t challenge the existing concentrations of power and wealth, protected and conserved areas. Don’t, for example, address the issue of tax evasion, which limits the money that governments can spend on public conservation Dempsey said basis like so many of the world’s ultra rich pays, barely any taxes to his wealth, which amounts to nearly 200 billion. This works very well for someone like Bezos, because he’s been a beneficiary of the structuring of our economy, which doesn’t tax wealth. He said traditional conservation funding also does nothing to lessen the waste created by corporations like amazon or the policies that enable them.

What’s one billion, or even five billion compared to the ecological harm that philanthropists’ companies have caused, so the philanthropy itself is a meaningless gesture that cannot address the problem and simply enables the continuation of their primary incentives and goals make money continue with the business. Even these pledges are only being made, I would argue not out of you know, I’m not talking about jeff Bezos, who knows how his mind works, but I’m saying, generally speaking, people aren’t like. Oh no we’ve got to do something about the environment. What happens is look. This is all this stuff about environment, great bloody, fun bug it’s annoying. If you’ve got.

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