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Is Priti Patel About To Fire The MET’s Chief?

Priti Patel Ready To Sack Head Of Met Police

The long honeymoon period for Cressida Dick is coming to an end, all the support that she used to have from all sides of the British states from Priti Patel as home secretary city khan, as the mayor of London and everybody in the force, not everybody, some people that mattered is coming to an end, Priti Patel. For the first time ever, the home secretary has come out to finally show the divide and show her opposition when it comes to Cressida’s leadership. As the head of the MET we’ve seen a lot of chaos from the met police over the last couple of years, the double standards of policing, the way they treat different protesters differently. Left-Wing protesters could do whatever they want to do right-wing protesters. You should all go home or be arrested. That’s the problem.

The whole issue is has obviously exposed a different problem: the corruption, the lack of action when it comes to real crime. You know they spend more time looking at your tweets than going out there and you know protect people on the streets. Now the Priti Patel’s come out for the first-time home secretary becomes strong well done, she’s come out to say that Scotland Yard is rotten from top to bottom. Well, that’s new! That’s good! I know that we are a bit pretty detailed, we’ve all become quite sceptical, then we say well, we’ll believe it when we see it, but at least in terms of even rhetoric. That’s a good start when it comes to MET and Cressida’s leadership.

The home secretary has now planned and to bring Britain’s largest police force on the greater political control to just avoid the actual police establishment, making it a worse kind of institution, but I’m not sure how I feel about that, though, because yes, we know that the METS they’ve had some issues and there are some people up in there who are either corrupt or just not we’re just good managers. Let’s just say, but do we trust politicians to get more power?

Can we trust politicians and the home office, for example

to run the police force? Instead, I don’t know what the actual plan is, but if they are just saying it for the sake of like the police commissioners, that you elect, that you have one kind of political figure that you can hold to account and I’m not really sure that’s going to be enough to actually solve the problems of the police. But this is going to be interesting, because this is also creating a new battle between pretty and Sadiq khan. So they can’t it’s. You know defending his bestie Cressida Dick he’s. Very you know, supportive of the chief me and the chief of met in terms of everything that she’s done the mistakes, the policies that came out they’ve been scrutinized and, of course, some of them been debunked because some of the rainbow cars and all the flags not really sure if they had any effect in terms of creating a tolerant society, an inclusive society.

In fact, they actually feel more chaos and hatred between both sides. You’ve got a hard left, we’re going out there. Having more demands say, we want more rainbows and more unicorns, and then there were the other sides, they’re saying that, while we’re just sick and tired of this, stop it, you know and police force police horses also don’t like the rainbow crossings, because you always get confused. If you haven’t seen us check it out on twitter, but it’s a weird time to be alive, but let’s at least take this as some sort of piece of good news. Potentially, so we could have some sort of scrutiny when it comes to the met police and the crested dick. Now.

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