Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Nothing in this country is working

So the talk of the media uh, whether it’s the newspapers or the radio or the broadcast televisions, it’s all about the conservative party conference, that’s going on in Manchester and there’s a sort of air of triumphalism. I think about the conference as they’re still considerably ahead of Kirsten’s labour party in the polls and from what I’ve heard from people there. They’re partying, hard, yep, they’re drinking champagne, they’re celebrating in style up in manchester and you’ve never heard Boris johnson being more bullish than he is well. This morning I was out and about locally for a couple of hours, visiting various shops and believe it or not, actually, for the first time in a week able to get some fuel and we’ll talk a bit more about fuel later on, but not a single person. I met talked about the conference in Manchester, not a single person. I talked to was looking forward to rishi sunak’s speech, or indeed, even the important speech that was going to be given by lord frost about northern Ireland.

Now what they were talking about was the fact that nothing in this country works. We were told on Wednesday and Thursday of last week by the government that the fuel crisis was easing. There was nothing to worry about when actually in London and the southeast, the situation was worsening, and even today, only 50 per cent of pumps in the whole of southeastern England have unleaded and diesel for sale. And whilst I did manage to get some fuel this weekend, the queues and the blockages on the roads were something really to witness, and why is all this happening? Well, of course, some will say it’s all because of Brexit, but the real reason is, of course, that we’ve had a race to the bottom because of EU rules and we’ve seen uh conditions and pay for HGV drivers. Hdv drivers going down the drain throughout the last few years and a backlog at the DVLA I mean: can you believe it is a backlog of the DVLA of 54 000 HGV applications? I had a furious email from somebody that works at DVLA over the weekend, saying I shouldn’t criticize them. I wasn’t criticizing you claire, I’m sure you work very hard at the DVLA, but I am criticizing grant, Shapps.

He knew about this problem back in March of this year and appeared to do precious little. You begin to feel that nothing is actually working in this country and then, of course, we’ve got the eco idiots of insulate Britain, but we’ve had tough words from pretty Patel the home secretary, tough words from Boris Johnson. Now we were told an injunction had been passed, so it wouldn’t happen again. Yet today was the worst day of insulate Britain as they blocked the black wall tunnel. They blocked Wandsworth, bridge, and many other major routes into London. And look you see on these pictures? What happens when people lose respect for government lose respect for policing powers, they start to take the law into their own hands, and I don’t blame those guys for dragging protesters out of the road because they are trying to earn a living and we’ll do that story in more depth.

But once again we just don’t be able to appear to get a grip on any of this. Well, if it all becomes too much for you and if, like me, you agree that things just aren’t working in this country anymore, and we have a government that just doesn’t seem to understand what the problems are for millions of people every day. Well, you could always go on holiday. Yes, why not go on holiday? The problem is when you get back in to Stansted or Heathrow or pretty much anywhere else, you’ll find that the e-gates aren’t working you’ll find that border force is understaffed because at times they have to spend big resources down to Dover and you’ll find queues of perhaps up to five hours, that from a border force under a home secretary who told us the channel migrant crisis would end before too long, and so far this year seventeen 000 people have been processed through Dover and towards the end of this week when the fine weather comes back, we’ll be back to hundreds of people every day. Another crisis, another part of our government system that simply isn’t fit for purpose and won’t be tied. You in modern Britain, if you’re ill or if you suspect that you might be ill because, in many parts of the country, your chance of a face-to-face consultation with a GP is hovering at around about 50 per cent.

Oh, and that’s if you can be prepared to wait the five weeks that it now takes to get a GP appointment in parts of Cumbria for the first time, the number of hip and knee replacements are done in private hospitals has exceeded that done in the national health service. As people who are fortunate enough to have money increasingly opt-out of the system, we have an impending health crisis of a massive scale and the fact the government tells us there’ll be 40 more walk-in centres. I don’t think even begins to scratch the surface of the problem, but don’t worry because Christmas is coming and we can all celebrate at Christmas, but sadly, Scrooge has even managed to get hold of that one. As we’re told there won’t be any pigs in blankets and you’ll be very lucky to get a turkey as they’re selling out already. So I put it to you. This is a government that can celebrate all they like a party as hard as they want to in manchester.

This is a government that is completely out of touch with where the country is today.

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