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Dave Chappelle defends “The Closer” amid Trans Backlash.

Dave Chappelle DOUBLES DOWN, Slams The Media After Cancel Culture Backlash To The Closer On Netflix

What’s going on guys, this is Ryan with rk outpost and Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix special, the closer, has pissed a lot of activists off. It’s pissed off the woke twitter mob. That wants him cancelled. It’s pissed off the mainstream media who thinks that what he said is just so bigoted he’s not allowed to get away with that, and it’s also pissed off people that work at Netflix or, should I say, maybe worked at Netflix, because this person, right here, dear white people, co-showrunner Jacqueline Moore on why she’s boycotting Netflix over transphobic Dave, Chappelle special right. This person is coming out and doing an interview with anyone who will listen to her for attention and trying to say that Dave Chappelle is a bigot that Dave Chappelle needs to be cancelled and then, until Netflix pulls this special from the air. She doesn’t feel safe.

These people are literally lunatics and what is Dave Chappelle doing about all of this? Do you think Dave Chappelle’s going to get on a knee and bend over and apologize to these people? Do you think that’s going to happen? Well, no, that’s not the case. Dave Chappelle reportedly doubles down after backlash to trans comets, and I absolutely love this because he knows that he should not bend the knee that he should not apologize to this tiny, microscopic group of people, one who actually take offense to what he said and two that want him cancelled. They’d want him to apologize over something they want Netflix to pull it down and uh. He. He has a perfect bloody response. Let me read you this now.

These are, of course we talked about. I did a video about some of the things that people are pissed out up, pissed off about when he talked about the trans community and going after Jk Rowling and how they bully people how they make up words. Things like this there’s a lot of backlashes to it, including that Netflix executive producer, Netflix, show runner. His comments were widely condemned on social media. No, they weren’t his comments were celebrated by a lot of people. We’re going to take a look.

The vast majority of people think that Dave Chappelle was spot on and think his special was hilarious. We’re going to take a look at the numbers in a second during a live performance and screen of his documentary on Tuesday. He addressed the backlash before appearing to double down on his comments at the Hollywood bowl Chappelle reportedly said. If this is, what being cancelled is like. I love it. He added  twitter, bloody NBC news, ABC news, all these stupid ass networks, I’m not talking to them.

I’m talking to you. This is real life, hell bloody yeah. That is exactly the response you should have, because the mainstream media does not represent the public. They are the enemy of the people. In fact, as we found out in many ways, this woke twitter mob does not represent reality.

We have found that out over and over and over again and look at these numbers from Netflix.

We don’t have enough critics scores to really show you but we’ll compare it we’ll compare what the critics are saying, at least so far to what the audience is saying. Look at that audience score 96. The vast majority of people are loving this Netflix special and when you look at the response on social media, that’s pretty obvious to see that a lot of people are applauding Dave Chappelle for having the balls to actually do something humorous to do something comedic, instead of virtue signalling, instead of being afraid to call out these groups when they should be made fun of that’s.

The thing is, comedy is equal opportunity.

Doesn’t matter what your race, what your gender, what your religion, everybody gets called out, whether it’s individuals, whether it’s groups of people, that’s part of comedy, and that has been so lost on so many people and look at what the critics are saying, of course, Chappelle’s most incendiary troubling and unapologetic one yet rotten the comedian’s new Netflix special. The closer is a panic defence of controversial past jokes, the humour doesn’t land.

Neither does the justification from the daily beast. Why are two people from the daily beast? Reviewing this that’s weird, Chappelle’s, rampant transphobia doesn’t need to be a problem as long as the jokes land, but his obsession with grievances supersedes any pretence of crafting actual humour and Tim Dillon said something that I thought was very interesting. Well, he put out this screenshot of Andrew Sullivan’s article, and it was interesting enough for me to actually go and seek it out, and I think that this is spot on. I want to read you these two paragraphs. Now the first little bit is dealing with the way the mainstream media is handling this, because the media is attacking Dave, Chappelle they’re, calling him a bigot they’re, calling him a transphobe they’re, calling him every name in the book in the hopes that he will get cancelled. Both the stubbornness and the quote, bigot theme are reiterated in venture Chappelle is full of outdated excuses, masking a refusal to update a world view.

His head is up his ass. He needs new ideas and, with respect to the marginalized quote, he’s just asking for you to take up less space to usher in progress by giving other people time to come around to you and guess what this is Andrew Sullivan, now they’re all wrong. He says the media is all wrong. Chappelle’s final Netflix special, the closer, is a classic far from being outdated. It’s slightly ahead of its time. This is a fact, there’s a reason that Dave Chappelle um, you know burst onto the scenes 20 years ago, whatever that was, it was because he was ahead of the curve right.

He was at the forefront of pushing this and people loved him, then, but now these same people that loved him are trying to turn against him once they come after something that they consider sacred far from being outdated, it’s slightly ahead of its time as the pushback against wokeness gains traction, and that is really the core of the issue for a lot of these people. They hate the fact that more people are coming around to bashing woke nonsense, whether that’s in entertainment, whether that’s in sports, whatever it is, that movement is gaining traction, the woke movement is losing traction they’re, desperately trying to hang on to it. So that is why they have a problem.

That is why they’re not okay with this, and that is why what Dave Chappelle is saying is so funny and rings so true for so many people, because that is on the rise. It is ahead of its time, as this is growing in popularity, dave, Chappelle’s, just putting them on blast as more people are starting to wake up to it. It’s extremely funny a bit meta, monumentally mischievous, and I sat with another homo through the whole thing, so I think Andrew Sullivan’s gay stoned laughing our asses off, especially when he made fun of us the way the elite media portrays us you’d.

Think every member of the LGBT community is so fragile. We cannot laugh at ourselves. It doesn’t occur to them. For many of us, Chappelle is a breath of honest air doing what every comic should do. Take aim at every suffocating pd of the powers that be including the increasingly weird, plus mafia and detonating them all well said, from Andrew Sullivan absolutely spot on uh and again Tim Dillon tweeted that out Andrew Sullivan’s article go check it out. I highly recommend because he breaks it down.

He breaks down the way the media is reacting to this. We know that people like this are just attention seekers literally that’s been part of this person’s life just seeking attention. They are doing it again, trying to play the victim and saying that they feel they feel in trouble. Now they feel like someone could be violent against them. Based on what Dave Chappelle said, these people are out of their minds. These people are lunatics, who want Dave.

Chappelle cancelled, he’s not going to go away quietly he’s not going to be cancelled like he’s not going to be cancelled, because in order to be cancelled, you have to care dave. Chappelle with these comments has showed that he doesn’t care right. He does not care bloody twitter, bloody NBC news, bloody ABC news. All these stupid ass networks hail, Dave, Chappelle and the closer. Let me know what you think about all this in the comments below smash. The like button subscribe to the channel ring the bell notification share this video out there and I’ll talk to you later.

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