Tuesday, September 27, 2022

CNN Says Bidens Polling “Brutal” At Less Than 38% Approval Rating


Let’s get into this, ladies and gentlemen, gentlemen, and ladies, I’m surprised that CNN did this, because CNN is normally um in the business of being fraudulent and presenting fake news. In my opinion, based on what I see from CNN, however, they have decided to tell the truth about Joe Biden’s poll numbers. Now, I’m not a big pollster, I’m not a pole person. However, if they want to run with polls, then I’m going to meet them where they are. Okay, I’m going to meet them addressing the issue of them, saying that Joe Biden is polling very poorly. Why are they doing this? Mr Tatum? My personal belief is that they’re doing this because they’re getting ready to kick him out of there they’re going to make him look, he is he has been the most disgraceful president in united states history.

Ever I mean that I in my lifetime he is a complete disgrace. He should never have been. The president. Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden should both have never had an opportunity to run for office because they both should be in jail. Hillary Clinton should be in jail for having a server in her basement, sending and receiving classified and top secret information without the government knowing about it, and she was the secretary of state and then you have Joe Biden doing a quit pro quo. Doing deals with China in in all kind of other countries using his son hunter Biden.

He did a quick pro quo on camera in front of the whole world. It’s on video. I have the video I made a video about the video quit pro quo in front of the world. He should be in prison, but anyway they scoot him in there. They let him ruin the country and they’re going to usher in another person to replace him. That’s just my opinion.

Based on what I see that’s my opinion now listen to his poll numbers

and I believe his poll numbers are worse than this. This is CNN Poland, people and I’m pretty sure, they’re going to try to at least not make it look as bad as it truly is, and this is supposed to be the president. They got the most votes in united states history ever by far tens of millions more votes than any president in united states history ever and this is how he’s polling in less than a year. He ain’t been in there a year yet- and this is how he’s polling wrote a film. The poll numbers frankly are brutal for the president. In this brand new Quinnipiac poll, only 38 of Americans approve of how Biden is handling his job compared to 50.

How he’s how the president is handling his job? Now you got to think people were fed up with Barack Obama and him that’s why they voted for trump now you’re telling me that somehow he he rose from the ashes and became the most popular president to ever exist. By far in less than a year, he can tank his numbers like this 53 who disapprove that’s the lowest approval rating Biden has had since taking office. I think that’s a low approval rating out of any president, thus far, how can you get any lower in less than a year and you are proving at 38 another striking number. Only 39 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of the economy. 55 say they disapprove of the job he’s doing on the econ and think about this.

This is how you get elected on the economy and the job that he’s doing as a president. How is he going to get re-elected? It’s no way. He can’t turn this around their policies. Suck county when asked is Joe Biden, an honest president. 44 of Americans say yes, 50 percent, say no and one of the most damning results of all more than half of the American people, 55 percent say the Biden administration is not competent.

Running the government.

42 says the administration. Is these new? So, a shout out to elected movement for sharing this video? I really appreciate it, but uh it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Joe Biden was a failure before he ever got started. The dude should have never been eligible to run for president, given the fact that he’s done quick pro crow sold us to China had his son and his in his family, making hundreds of millions of dollars doing dirty deals while he was the uh vice president of the united states of America, under probably the arguably the most divisive president in history, Barack Obama

But he’s the most popular and everybody loves him, but yet less than a year he’s destroying everything he’s destroying everything I mean nothing. The way he’s handling foreign policy is out of control. The way he’s handling China is out of control, he’s not even trying to hold him accountable for the – you know – the thing that’s out there getting people, sick, y’all, know what I’m talking about.

You know they’ll, try to mark that word and make it a bad thing. He’s done nothing for equality in this country. He’s done nothing for uh uh division in this country. He’s done nothing for black people in this country, and black people were dumb enough to vote for him. They dumb enough to vote for him. Dude trump is so mean well, the racists are willing to do more for you than the nine races.

According to you, although the non-racist is the most racist person on record, yours is a feeling. Joe Biden has said it on the record. Y’all just feel like trump is this way. Joe Biden is this way. Y’all just feel like you didn’t like trump because he wasn’t doing it. You felt like he wasn’t doing a good job.

He was doing an excellent job. You feel, like Biden, would do a better job and he sucks that’s your fault. You should have done your homework. I want everybody supported, because you should apologize first by not voting for trump in the first place or by lying about trump, now you’re going to really apologize, because it’s right in your face. Here’s the silver lining and all of this that we’re going through and we got to weather the storm. Is that I’m glad that Joe Biden is the president.

This is probably one of the best things that happened to America, Joe Biden being the president, why you say that Mr Tatum, because it’s revealing how incompetent the democrat party is how incompetent and delusional their policies are, how anti-American and divisive the democrat party is, and you realize, when a republican administration was running, the country remember how you felt now. This is how it is under a democrat leadership, democrat president democrat administration, and now you can make the decision, which one makes more sense to you, and it aren’t even a year deep and we already seeing stuff come crashing down and y’all know what it is, and they tell you one thing today: wear a mask: don’t wear a mask: get vaccinated? Don’t get vaccinated, get vaccinated, two vaccines? No, you didn’t get a booster, they aren’t going to get a boost every week. You know it’s. It’s the, but trump handled the pandemic, badly, poorly. Okay. What do you call this anyway? I could.

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