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Black Widow Weaves Huge Web of Lawsuits for Disney

Black Widow FLOP Leads to Disney LAWSUITS – Kevin Feige is ANGRY!!

As Disney Marvel goes, Hollywood goes, so I’m sure not many of you are going to be that upset to hear that one underperforming Disney Marvel film called Black Widow, which could actually be a flop, is leading to a hollywood implosion. Hollywood is in big trouble right now and yes, we are going to talk about Black Widow. The question is still being asked: is black widow a flop? I say if you have to ask that question 25 days into its release. The answer is yes: if black widow wasn’t a flop, then why is scarjo suing disney? Things are getting interesting folks, especially if you’re a big fan of Disney.

She is suing disney because she was promised performance incentives based on black widow being released exclusively in movie theaters. This is a big problem and it looks like Emma Stone is thinking about suing as well. And according to producer Jason Blum, there are a ton of lawsuits to come, I’m gonna come lol. And why is this happening? Well? Streaming is an easy way to hide numbers from the public and from adult pretenders and that’s not all it turns out. Kevin feige is angry and embarrassed over disney’s reaction to Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit. This is so good, as the Bob Chapic led regime goes to war with a marvel star, Hollywood elites and creatives fear the end of massive back end deals.

We all know how hollywood feels about massive Back End deals, and I don’t think they’re going away for anyone other than the adult pretender. Let’s set aside for a moment, the question of whether scarlett johansson has a legal leg to stand on in her fight with disney over her compensation for black widow, let’s even say she doesn’t and that she is as disney, publicly contended, greedy and indifferent to the horrors of the pandemic.

Again, I will ask if black widow was such a success.

Why would disney come out and call the star of their successful film, greedy and indifferent? It doesn’t matter because, even if all of that were true industry, insiders agree attacking johansen. So personally was a pretty spectacular, unforced error and many observers are laying that at the feet of ceo bob chapic, with an assist from reflexively vindictive top communications officer, xenia mucha and with approval from the lawyers, the chief communications officer for disney. The person who communicates with people is vindictive well.

That might explain this. There is no merit whatsoever in this filing disney said in an unusually fiery statement. The lawsuit is especially sad and distressing in its callous disregard for the horrific and prolonged global effects of the koof pandemic. Is it that unusual, because it reminds me of the firing of gina carano. Gina carano was not currently employed by lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future. A lucasfilm spokesperson said in a statement. Nevertheless, her social media posts, denigrating people based on their culture and religious identities, are abhorrent and unacceptable.

Now this is just a side note.

I find both statements towards scar, joe and gina. Equally vindictive.

It’s almost like they came from the same person, the one person who isn’t getting the blame. The weatherman outgoing chairman bob iger somebody’s playing it like an amateur says, one former disney executive, iger’s, no amateur a top executive at a rival studio, agrees, adding that the whole confrontation seems ill-advised and avoidable. It’s insane to me insane, he says: do you think on bob iger’s watch? He would have ever allowed a piece of talent to sue them.

Scarjo is a piece of talent. Now. The great thing for us is we’re seeing this implosion happen in real time, and this is all because black widow flopped a disney insider, says that the blame for the statement is being placed unfairly at chapic’s feet. I wonder who that insider is? Is it bob chapic, and this was not a unilateral decision nor an edict from him? It is difficult, however, to discern who, if anyone on the studio side was informed in advance. This is sounding a lot like the gina carano situation, a situation that absolutely no one had a problem with in hollywood, but all of a sudden everybody’s coming to the defense of scarjo. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not feeling sorry for scarjo either, I’m just enjoying some good old-fashioned disney shot and friday.

Disney’s posture is being read in hollywood as chapic signaling, his indifference to star talent only surpassed by disney’s indifference to the paying customer and all of those people in camps that you concentrate in, however indifferent he may be. There is one star, chapic and disney absolutely unequivocally need marvel studios. President kevin feige, who is known to be very unhappy with the studio’s attack on one of his superheroes and there’s this kevin feige angry and embarrassed over disney’s reaction to scarlett johansson’s lawsuit.

A new rumor claims that kevin feige is upset with disney’s response and treatment of scarlett johansson, as well as reported by the hollywood reporter and salon’s former hollywood reporter matt baloney, recently detailed in his industry newsletter. What I’m hearing that feige is angry and embarrassed by disney. I think we’ve heard that a couple of times bolani wrote feige is a company man and I think they meant to say not prone and not prone to corporate showdowns or shouting matches, but I’m told he’s angry and embarrassed.

Yes, kevin feige is famously he lobbied against the day-and-date plan for black widow, preferring the big screen exclusivity and not wanting to upset his talent. He also noted that, when the hit the fan you mean when the movie started, flopping the movie started tanking exactly and johansen’s team threatened litigation. Feige wanted disney to make this right with her.

While I’m sure kevin feige is angry about disney’s treatment of scarjo. He might be angry about a couple of other things, including the two movies he has left on his slate there’s shang chi and the legend of the ten rings, where the only memorable thing to happen in two trailers was a cameo from a hulk villain and there’s that being banned in china thing that might be a bit of a problem.

But not to worry, because shang chi will be introducing marvel’s katie. Oh look at this marvel’s katie marvel’s katie marvel’s katie, marvel’s, katie, marvel’s, katie, marvel’s katie, marvel’s katie! Is it marvel’s rose tico? What’s this super scissoring, then there’s the eternals from acclaimed director chloe zao, who has taken jack, kirby’s, glorious four color world and gave it a color palette of mud and poop, and then, of course, there’s that money shot.

No, no, no! No! Oh and there’s also that being banned in china thing now.

There are a lot of factors that went into the failure that is black widow, including the koof. The horrific marketing black widow, scarlett johansson, explains why it’s important to push conversations around gendered superheroes. You want to know who wants to have those conversations? Blue check marks are twitter and no one else, and of course there was this. You know the movie is about the subjugation of women. Now, yes, the film was about the subjugation of women.

But if you wouldn’t have said anything, you might have had a better first weekend and there’s also that little detail of it being a bad film. Maybe you shouldn’t have dived into identity politics. Maybe you shouldn’t have given in to the intersectional feminists and turned a superhero franchise into propaganda. Maybe the mcu shouldn’t have been turned into a platform. Maybe it shouldn’t be the mgu just look in the mirror kevin if you’re mad at anyone or maybe think about putting a little more effort into it. I mean you put a woman’s head on a man’s body with taskmaster and marvel’s katie and again I don’t feel sorry for scarjo or any other millionaire.

That’s suing billionaires now. As far as this lawsuit’s impact on the entire industry, it could be huge. It could lead to an adult pretender strike , but this article does shed some light on the streaming wars and inexplicable contracts, including alex kurtzman, getting 150 million dollars in time. Johansen is likely to have company on the battle lines. It’s a much bigger existential fight that she’s really leading says producer. Jason blum turns out all that back end money that the actors were getting is gonna, go to the executives, the alternative to paying the talent he notes is paying the corporation and how he asks.

Is that better? It’s not! But again, that explains the alex kurtzman inexplicable contract extension will probably get a kathleen kennedy contract extension. I wouldn’t be surprised. It explains the garbage we’ve gotten on disney plus, including the disappointing wand, division, the preachy falcon and winter soldier and the intersectional feminist porn. That was loki, oh and we can’t forget marvel’s what if, following in the tradition of the taskmaster and the masters of the universe, what if captain america had a male body with a female head? It doesn’t matter to me whether my movie is a huge hit or not the pressure’s off. He doesn’t want to embarrass himself, but a project just needs to be good enough to get the next deal. This may help explain why so many movies made for streamers seem to be, and that statement came from an unnamed producer at a major studio.

In other words, storytelling doesn’t matter anymore,

it’s just about content. What streamers are betting on is that in the next three to five years there will only be three or four of them left pumping content into homes and they’ll be so powerful. They will be able to push the price down of producing, of paying talent of paying producers of paying writers. Directors says blum, I personally don’t think they’ll be able to do that, but that’s what they’re betting on and the giant nine thousand pound elephant in the room that this article does not talk about is the movie theaters. When I saw black widow on opening day, the theater was a quarter full. I just saw jungle cruise this past weekend, a dumb disney movie on its opening weekend and I sat in an empty imax.

Theater things are not looking good hollywood is contracting and then there’s this news. Hollywood’s hope for post labor day office, reopenings fading as koof cases spike and hell we’d be locked down already. If it wasn’t for gavin newsom’s recall the same gavin newsom that scarjo and her ilk supported and were made essential over millions of californians, so no tears for scarjo. All I know is this is great: kevin feige is pissed, scarjo is suing disney, disney is shaming, scarjo emma stone and a lot of other people might sue disney, and all of this is because of one underperforming disney marvel film. Black widow was a flop. Hashtag black widow lost money.

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