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Bill Gates’s INCREDIBLY AWKWARD Interview – Is He Hiding Something??

What is the connection between Jeffery Epstien – Bill Gates and the noble peace prize? Why do people want it so much? And why were so many people hanging out with Jeffery Epstien? What’s going on in an interview with pbs , you know now, of course, that Bill Gates responded in a weird way to a question about Geoffrey Epstien. It was reported at that time that you had a number of meetings with Jeffery Epstien who, when you met him 10 years ago, he was convicted of soliciting prostitution from minors.

What did you know about him when you were meeting with him as you’ve said yourself in the hopes of raising money? It’s weird that, like bill gates, has such a sort of prominent public position he’s a very powerful out their person people say he’s involved in lobbying around issues to do with coronavirus, he’s very sort of out there. I feel, like back in the day Bill Gates was kept. His mouth shut, didn’t he he was just like. Oh yeah, I’ve invented this thing.

Oh thanks, it’s quite good. It’s simple like, but now he wants to be involved in everything. Didn’t he , you know I had dinners with him . I regret doing that holding his wedding ring finger there if you’re, a body language person, I regret doing that he had relationships with people. He said you know, would give to global health, which is a interest. I have you know not nearly enough philanthropy goes in that direction.

You’ve got to get more philanthropy going in that direction and the people to help with philanthropy convicted sex offenders. We need to help the philanthropy for that. Except this way you know those meetings were a mistake. They didn’t result in what he purported and I cut them off. You know that goes back a long time ago. Now, there’s, you know so there’s nothing new on that.

There’s nothing new there. Well, that’s the way. The past operates bill. It was reported that you continue to meet with him over several years, um now um and that, in other words, a number of meetings. I suppose it seems odd that Bill Gates would be meeting Jeffery Epstien in order to pursue philanthropic projects. You’d think Bill Gates has the resources, connection, know-how now and wealth to just do that stuff anyway, he’s not trying to get into a cool disco in Bradford and he needs someone who knows about how to get him in there.

What did you do when you found out about his background? Well, you know I’ve said I regretted having those dinners and there’s nothing, absolutely nothing new on that can’t keep besides. I don’t know about things, there’s nothing new about all sorts of stuff holocaust. Second, world war- I mean it didn’t happen or that it wasn’t important or if you were involved with it you’ve not got some questions to answer. Is there a lesson for you for anyone else? Looking at this well he’s dead, so , you know in general, you always have to be careful , and you know the you know, I’m very proud of what we’ve done in philanthropy yeah. Why are we talking about someone who’s dead, a dead person? That’s what we’ve learned! We’ve learned dead! We’ve learned everyone dies eventually. This is unveiled thing about the way Jeffery Epstien died, which I sincerely hope it isn’t.

It just means like what the seasons come and go might as well sing the circle of life very proud of what we’ve done in philanthropy very proud of the work of the foundation even really wants to talk about the old philanthropy. Didn’t he’s always trying to get? Let’s just focus on the philanthropy, all right, we get it . You know, that’s that’s what I get up every day and focus on yeah. I suppose it’s just interesting to see such a powerful figure in such a prominent position. Continuing to talk about such significant issues, another take on bill, Gates’s relationship with Epstien is that he thought that Epstien might be able to help him get that prize treasure the Nobel peace prize. What do people even want a Nobel priest prize for everyone? That’s one of them.

You normally get because you’ve bombed some people at some point in history or you’ve been involved in some terrible conflict, I’m beginning to think that Nobel peace prize is losing its value. A bill gates. Ex-Staffer told the daily beast that the foundation’s communication team was aware. Gates. Meetings with Epstien could have reputational risks. However, they were told it was a manoeuvre to try and get gates and Nobel peace prizes.

Even back, then people knew this guy Epstien weren’t squeaky clean the staff. I said, I wonder if that’s true that Bill Gates really want a Nobel peace prize and was hanging out with Jeffery Epstien, because he would help him get a Nobel peace prize seems to be very embarrassed about it. Why was he hanging out with Jeffery Epstien? Oh oh gee? Oh no. I can’t tell him that I really want the Nobel peace prize. Oh god, I don’t know. Why else would I hang out with Jeffery Epstien? Well, there’s some reasons that would be real.

Shady man, oh can’t tell him about the Nobel peace prize. Just say you want a Nobel peace prize, it’s much better than the other potential reason that you would be hanging out with Jeffery Epstien. He just thought Jeffery would be able to help him and that he would know the right people or some kind of way to massage things. So he could get the Nobel peace prize like if you’re Bill Gates you’ve got to know everybody haven’t. You know you’re loaded, you’re, one of the richest people in the world, hello, it’s Bill Gates on the line who bill gates. You know your computer wait a minute.

Let me look at it. You see that thing windows yeah, I’m looking at it now. Oh I’m. Looking at a little paper clip geezer yeah, that’s him! I’m him! I’m the little paper clip geezer. Can I come out to your house for a meeting? No, no, I’m too busy, I’m friends with Jeffery Epstien! Oh well! Why didn’t you say so? Sir, put a kettle on gate started me with Epstien in 2011 three years after the powerful financier was convicted of soliciting prostitution from a minor melinda gates. Reportedly, strongly objected to her husband’s meeting with a financier.

According to the former employee, the Nobel peace prize is what bill wants more than anything else in the world. That’s a weird thing: I want in it a Nobel peace prize. Why do you want that? For what is it? Even if you can get something through school if the route to something involves like dealing with folks that are convicted? Who you have doubts about or whether they just don’t have a Nobel peace prize anymore? None of those things mean anything today like anyone can see that I’ve got to get a knighthood, but sadly I’ve got to go and do some gardening with Frederick. All I got to do is go. Do a bit of cooking with Jeffery Dahmer. Then I’ve got myself a real knighthood.

Well, I don’t want it that badly. I can’t be bothered. I’m not going to get something else. I’ll get a scratch card see. If I win a 10 I’ll buy myself a baseball cap get something else. I think he was ultimately disappointed.

It didn’t work out, I’m sure the report came several months after a Norwegian newspaper, dm magus snip reported in 2013 as dean that accompanied gates at the home of then noble committee, chairman Juan berg yardland in Strasbourg, France gates was being touted as a recipient of the prestigious award at the time. Whatever floats your boat, some people, they like a Nobel peace prize. Well, I mean I’m beginning to think the value of these prizes is questionable. What is the real prize is in heaven prizes in the hereafter, humble life now surely, if you’ve enjoyed this video, please let me know in the comments see, let me know what other things you’d like to see covered, give it a little like a little thumbs up subscribe to my manly, so I can have direct communication with you. Whenever I need it. All it is, is one click away, you’re, one click away from me in your brain.

If you like this video, have a look at this cheeky little guy. I think it’s even better. If anything and look at this, if you want to meditate and chill yourself right out thanks very much for watching you..

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