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Are Gen Z Ditching Hook-Ups For Longer Term Relationships?

Gen Z isn’t hooking up as much? More likely they’re all only about hookups

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My name is joker and tonight we’re going to talk about a bunch of different articles that I’ve got. I’m going to be breaking this up into segments. First article we’re going to talk about tonight is gen z. Ditching – is gen z, ditching hookup culture for long-term relationships?

The first article comes from Evie magazine and I like Evie magazine because they do kind of talk about a little bit more conservative topics. Hey women save yourselves, you know sleeping around, isn’t all that and there are better things you can do with yourself um, but I think they got this one wrong. So, let’s jump right into it from ev magazine as of august 25th is there hope why gen z is ditching hookup culture for commitment, uh, first of all I’ll say, I think that’s wrong and I’ve got an article that’ll express why they say whether it’s another hbo hit series a friend telling their adventurous explorations in the land of sex or one more song in the radio that sings the same old message.

One night stand meaningless sex.

It seems the idea of hookup culture is all too popular. Yes, it is, we talk about it a lot through our uh through up through our culture and media, though wow though our culture and media have made hookup uh culture increasingly popular, not everyone is on board with a proposal that sex is empty and meaningless.

Here are just a few reasons why they say the heart is not in it more than attention or temporary gratification. All humans do want the same thing and no it’s not cheap bedroom fun. It feels wanted and there’s nothing that will leave you feeling less wanted than a situation where a person doesn’t stick around um. Okay, yeah, that’s fine to say, but they the problem is everybody. Does it we are in the I just want attention. I am in the instant gratification era of life.

People have so we’re in the fast food of dating we’re in fast food of instant gratification, fast food of jobs, fast food of everything. This is where people say uh. You know what uh I want this and I want it now. I want attention and I want it now. I want to feel good and I want to feel it now. I want someone new, because the person I’m with is boring me a little bit and I want it now.

Uh, so and and- and the movies are all about this as well. I’ve done article after article on hollywood stars and everybody being out there saying oh girl, you just go out there and get it so I think they’re wrong on this one. They say humans want to feel wanted, not used and discarded. I’ve got a story that I’m I’m doing later on in in this segment and it’s this story right here: uh model sleeps with 50 men after accidentally attending swingers party on first date, um right, okay, so I guess she has an intimate up close relationship with all 50 of these people that she partied with no no um, but they say no matter how many times we’d like to say we’re just doing it for fun. We can’t avoid the emotions designed into us. Several studies have found that men and women alike experience emotional damage and regret following hookups.

One study states that 72 percent of college students surveyed regret at least one previous bedroom experience

with our hearts on the line and pretty plenty of emotional evidence to back up the facts. Gen z is finding it easier than ever to put commitment first uh, no, that’s just wrong and again I’ll, read more into that. In a moment, commitment is the new aesthetic. There aren’t many if any romance films that romanticize hookups um yeah there are. There are plenty of them friends with benefits. They’ve had several movies that were just named friends with benefits, and it was a hookup and yes, in the end, one of them fell in love with the other, and I think this is what a lot of people are, hoping for, like guys will hook up with a girl and the guy either starts getting emotions or a woman hooks up with a guy.

That’s several rungs higher than her on the market, value and she’s, hoping that he will commit to her, but he doesn’t and so yeah there’s plenty of them that romanticize the hookup and then the eventual falling in love. Look at um uh, the old movie um uh uh. What was it? Uh? Oh, where? Where it was um, it was the movie where um. Oh my god, I cannot. I I forget the name of the damn thing: it’s it’s uh. She was a a professional uh.

Richard gere was the like a doctor or something like that, and he hires her for a week or two weeks or something like that, and they end up falling in love and and he falls in love with a professional. I don’t remember the name of the movie sleepless. It wasn’t sleepless in seattle. I forget which one it was, but anyway, they’ve romanticized all about the hookup and some guy hooking up with a professional and then he magically falls in love and she somehow ends up with this rich guy. No, it doesn’t happen like that. They do this all the time in the movies uh and it never works out like that.

The woman goes for the guy and he’s just using her and he ends up dumping her or the guy goes for the girl and, and she ends up just using him or she ends up uh, taking him for money or something else, and she goes off with some popular football player or good. Looking guy and the other guy’s left in the dust. That’s all it is, and we see it time and time again. This doesn’t work out, but women are hooking up at higher rates than ever before, how they think how how eevee magazine thinks this is somehow changing with zen z, gen z. I have no idea, they say um and there’s definitely not one that shows uh purely uncommitted sex. It always becomes something more right: the fantasy in the movies uh.

Why? Because there’s no heart in it, no happy ending, there’s nothing to share on instagram and nothing to make other people look over and go. Oh look at those two! That’s what I want shallow reasoning though it may be. We can’t help but want to show off things that make us happy and in the file under hookups, aesthetically pleasing simply isn’t found. They say a new stigma arises while hookup culture became increasingly popular among the feminists and sexual rights activists of the 70s and 90s. The patriarchal blame hasn’t quite disappeared with sites, like only fans offering a financial outlet for women willing to share what they’d like with subscribers. It seems like sexual empowerment is right on the verge of success, but unfortunately the demand for sexualizing women hasn’t disappeared.

It’s only been redirected. What, of course, it’s not disappearing. Women are using it to make money. Women are using it to chase after the the guy that they’ll never end up catching and just sleep with him, hoping they’ll catch him and they use it to downgrade every other average american guy out there. I don’t. I don’t see how they’re using this as a win.

Somehow it’s impossible not to question the who behind this new sexual revolution,

but with the likes of tom stokley, only fan ceo being deemed the king of homemade spicy movies, it seems like men and their desires are still the driving force behind women’s sexuality and empowerment. Hookup culture is no different, while women have been raised to think they can now do what men can do. Men’s desires have only become easier to satisfy as more women are likely to fall prey to the myths. Hook-Up culture promotes a few of today’s feminists are seeing through this faulty loophole and aren’t falling for it. The truth is out there, one driving force and being discouraged from hookup culture and the negative effects it produces has been more accessible education or uncommitted, sex from instagram slides to a massive number of articles for reading. There’s no shortage of information out there and gen z is using it.

Television and film aren’t the only influencing elements for gen z. Plenty of us are looking in the right places for love, life advice and now, more than ever, the information is out there ready for us, curiosity might kill the cat, but it also curbs interest in uncommitted sex with more research about the negative physical and mental health effects of hooking up gen z has been equipped with the facts when it comes to one night stands: okay, so they’ve been equipped with the facts, but what happens? The 80 20 rule, which is now the 90 10 or the 95 5 rule, is still in full. On effect, women have been convinced, and women have been tricked into feeling that if they sleep with the really attractive good-looking guy that somehow this is going to correlate with them, getting him with him falling for them with him being interested in them, not realizing that the guy is just using them for some physical satisfaction and then the guy bounces. And then the women says, oh, that one got away from me, but you know something he was with me. Maybe I can get another guy just like him, and she jumps from high high guy, like high social value guy to high social value guy, giving herself away to all of them and never having success with any of them, because those guys will keep bailing and what ends up happening. Is the girls finally finally hit the wall or their 30-somethings, and they say okay, this isn’t working out for me.

I’ve I’ve been chasing chad for 10 or 15 years, and I’m single- and it’s not working out for me, but I only did it because I wanted them as a boyfriend and so the popular guys and and the guys that are putting game out there and- and maybe this is some of the guys that are learning game and learning how to spit facts. Maybe it is them, that’s great. If you want to just sleep around, have casual fun, then it’s great for you, but anybody looking for a serious relationship. The women are out the average guy is out because he doesn’t have the same. You know social value, and then I use quotations on that as these popular guys do so they’re getting laid plenty but they’re not getting any good girlfriends and the girls are getting plenty but they’re, not getting any good guy friends the dating market is all screwed up. She they said, but mom everyone’s doing it, though the kids of euphoria, sex, education and 13 reasons.

Why make it out that everyone is doing the deed? The kids of real life know this..

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