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AMD WTF is this about absorbing Activision Blizzard king?

Microsoft is continuing its studio acquisition, bender and absorbing AMD Activision Blizzard king

like a high Templar, absorbing another one and forming an anchor. This is a dark Templar for sure for 68.7 billion. I don’t know why they couldn’t round it up another 300 ml and make it a little nicer. But did you do the math on that? But a deal brings the number of game studios owned by the tech giant to 32, meaning it’s only a matter of time before we get a smash, bros style game with master chief fighting a protons. I already made a protons joke that actually sounds awesome, but people are less stoked about the acquisition, essentially serving as a way for embattled AMD Activision, CEO bobby to slide out the back with a nice payout once the deal is over and avoid major ramifications of these sexual harassment.

Accusations levied against him also among the reactions, were annoying pieces about how this is a big meta-verse play. We need to outlaw that word and others questioning whether Microsoft is now a gaming monopoly, but even with the extra revenue they’re gonna get from this acquisition, the move may only make Microsoft third in gaming earnings behind tencent and Sony as usual. We have to give this story time to breathe, to see how much worse it makes the world the question isn’t if it will make it worse, it’s how much they already have solitaire. In other everybody, panic news. Yesterday, the CEOs of major airlines threatened to ground flights to avoid catastrophic disruption by new 5g network equipment scheduled to be switched on by Verizon and at t today, y2k baby y5g, the move came after months of intense standoffs over the technology which the FAA says could like crash planes, but which seems to work fine in europe, but they do things different over there, they’re so quirky. At the last minute, the American isps agreed to delay the rollout of c-band 5g tech in the vicinity of airports following similar threats from international airlines, but they did launch it elsewhere, not around airports and hey.

ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 2060 OC EVO Edition 6GB GDDR6 Gaming Graphics Card with Two Powerful Axial-tech Fans (DUAL-RTX2060-O6G-EVO)

It seems to be going okay the FAA has since released a list of planes with more modern altimeters that won’t be affected by the spectrum. Overlap issue so make sure you’re on one of those planes unless you’re fine, with dying as long as you have really good reception in your final moments on airplane mode. No, I didn’t get the benefit and AMD launched their latest GPU. Today, the rx 6500 xt reviews so far saying james they’re, saying that the criticism stems from the cards bottleneck issues caused by its tiny 64-bit memory, bus, only four pcie 4.0 lanes and its paltry four gigabytes of vram perfect storm. Bill Gates

To make matters worse, it seems like AMD tried to bury one of its blog posts from june 2020

 which claimed four gigabytes of AMD vram is not enough for modern games, and that was a year and a half ago. Drawing more criticism because of the thing they were trying to avoid criticism for when kit guru noticed the blog post was deleted, amd put the blog post back up like aha, you got me hit refresh. This is a game we play and, of course, the card is being found for prices upward of 280 dollars instead of its 199 msrp. But you knew that was going to happen. We thought 300., we, it could have been worse.

We’re not mad amd we’re just confused. What’s wrong with you, a mobile gpu, still love you now it’s time for quick bits brought to you by manscaped provider of all-in-one men’s grooming tools that have you covered from head to toe. Instead of you being covered head head to toe and hair you’re covered by grooming tools. It’s laying on you like this, like the manscaped lawnmower, 4.0 part of a complete breakfast together with the crop, preserver and crop reviver sprays do not eat them all found in the performance package. 4.

keep things fresh down there and head to manscape.com tech, where you can get 20 off and free shipping today, quick bits, don’t blink or you’ll miss them. Okay, they’re! Not that fast. You can’t go. Do them that quick james get off your phone after ghosting the tech world by missing their previously teased announcement dates. Samsung has gotten over their shyness and unveiled the exynos 202 2200 eclipse the company’s first mobile soc, featuring amd’s, rdna, 2, graphic scores and thus support for ray tracing samsung didn’t provide any performance data which would be concerning if it wasn’t painfully obvious that this chip is not going to be very good.

What big samsung fan I want it to be good research published last week, has shown that a software vulnerability in apple’s webkit browser engine which powers, safari, 15 and all other ios web browsers has been leaking user identities and browser information. Since ios 15 went live back in september, apple you’re, so private everything stays there, you put it there and it stays it doesn’t there’s a bit of sliding. Unfortunately, the only thing iphone users or safari users on mac os can do is be really careful while browsing or switch to a platform that doesn’t force you to use one type of browser like you’re, a child being forced to eat vegetables. Both are wrong. If the child wants scurvy, that’s their business, I use brave cryptocurrency exchange. Crypto.

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Com finally admitted they did suffer a hack, but ceo chris marjaleck. I didn’t say that right was quick to clarify that no customer funds were lost. He replaced them with his own billions. It’s it’s true. He may mean that crypto.com will take the financial hit for the 15 million worth of crypto.

That apparently AMD were stolen according to other analysts. What if we printed the coins on paper? Would this help metal then you’d have to like get in there like do a real heist, like the joker and after the wi-fi alliance made things complicated with wi-fi 6e and wi-fi 6 version? 2 mediatek says they’re testing wi-fi 7 and they may release the first products powered by the new tech in 2023. Here’s hoping they don’t actually mean 2023.2a. I love that which is like a pocket you like that joke. It was a pretty good one.

What does it mean and after wordle clones flooded the ios app store last week? Here’s a story about one of the good ones: okay! Well, actually, it’s not a clone. It’s a completely different game, app called wordle with an exclamation mark that experienced a huge surge of revenue thanks to the popularity of the other wordle. Well, its creator, stephen cravata, is donating the proceeds of that surge to boost west oakland, the charity providing free, after-school tutoring for kids. So I guess clones aren’t all bad, but this wasn’t a clone. We’ll have more questions to answer on friday. So come back for more tech news at that time or don’t, and we can keep fighting it’s up to you.

What are you gonna? Do I have it in your hands? Give me some space. We need to make this work. Ah,..

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