Quod News was created for the sole purpose of aiding http://web.archive.org/ index and save information otherwise not available in the public domain.

All materials, where applicable, are attributed to the creators including links to the source.

Creators who do not wish to participate in archiving information for future generations, can contact the staff via or contact form. Once we have established the credentials of the creator and confirmed the request originated from them. Well will make best endeavours to delete associated materials within a 30-day period.

It cannot be assumed that the opinions of the articles aligns with that of quod.news.

Quod.news would never intentionally show political bias. However, if someone would be willing to forward a map of political leaning, we the staff would be happy to consult on the matter.

Quod.news welcomes submissions of unique news article content, all will be considered for publication.

We do not use cookies to gather information, other than those used by google analytics and search console.

Quod.news uses an in house developed AI algorithm to process data. This may lead to unknown data corruption and therefore misinterpreted content. If you feel that this is the case, please contact us via the contact form.